Thursday, April 19, 2012

And baby makes 3!

Yes... I'm pregnant! Josh and I are so thrilled and excited. I'm 13 weeks along right now and I'm feeling great. I've had a few bouts with morning sickness, but nothing unmanageable. Overall I feel like I'm having a great pregnancy so far!
Josh and I found out I was pregnant at the end of February, but chose to keep it private until our anniversary in April, when I would be 12 weeks along. It was hard to not tell anyone, but it wss a really wonderful time In our marriage to have such wonderful news just between the to of us.
We scheduled an ultrasound and appointment to hear the baby's heartbeat for the morning of ou anniversary. Seeing baby and hearing that heartbeat for the first time was just amazing. Baby was incredible active and the doctor said I must be the exercising and Zumba classes I've been taking (ha!)
After the appointment we called and texted all our family members to share the great news before posting it on facebook to share with our friends. What a memorable anniversary!
Next week we have another ultrasound scheduled to look at baby more closely. The doctor wants to be sure that the due date is correct. As of now the due date is October 26th. Then we have another apointment the middle of May. We should know baby's gender at the end of May or beginning of June. So far I really like my doctor here, but baby will not be born here in Korea.
Baby is due the end of October but we are set to leave Korea in the middle of September. So, baby will be born in Alabama. We will be moving back there for Josh to take some aviation classes then start his new position as an instructor for the BlackHawk course. He will be teaching new aviators how to fly- a fantastic opportunity!
Well, I think that's about all for now. I will upload photos soon. Have a great day!! :)

Big Changes

It has been way too long since I've posted a blog, so I will try as best I can to include everything. At the end of February I finished my time at BIS. Leaving was bittersweet and I miss the kids and my coworkers. However, I don't miss the workload and stress. I love being home when Josh comes home from work and having the evenings together. I love having time to clean the house and not be rushed, relax and make dinner every night. Ive been having fun trying new recipes, spending time with friends, exploring Seoul and walking around our neighborhood now that the weather has been getting nicer. Not having the stress of that crazy job is wonderful!!
To keep myself busy I've been taking a Zumba class twice a week which has been really fun. I'm also teaching kids four days a week. I teach one kindergartener named Jun who is very advanced. His spoken English is really impressive and be learns quickly. I also teach two middle school girls, not together but in separate classes. Both girls are just learning English so it was a bit rough at first, but they are developing reading and speaking skills quickly. It's a fun process seeing them learn so quickly and gain confidence. I also teach a class of four kindergarteners. Two kids are four and the other two kids are five. This class is super fun because the kids are a bit crazy and their English is so minimal. So, with a mixture of English and Korean we manage to have a fun time. So far they know their ABC's, the happy birthday song, can count to 11 and know all the primary colors. It's fun but I always feel like I need a nap after teaching that class! Ha!
Teaching these classes has been fun and a great way to keep busy and not get bored at home all the time. I'm also really thankful for the extra income. Only in Korea would parents pay crazy amounts of money for private English lessons!
Josh has been working a ton, like normal. We are planning a trip to Thailand next month which I know will be a much needed break for him. He's overworked, for sure. :( We plan on going to Phuket, Thailand for about a week in May, so I've been busy learning about the area and planning our trip as well. Can't wait!
A few weeks ago Josh and I celebrated our to year wedding anniversary. Such a wonderful day! We had a delicious dinner at the same restaurant we went to on Valentines Day. How blessed we are to have each other. It was a great day!!
And.... The biggest news of all is that I'm 13 weeks pregnant! Surprise!! :) I will write a new blog post all about it and I will add some photos later as well. We are so thrilled and can't wait to be parents to our little one! :)