Thursday, May 31, 2012

Baby Brown is a BOY!!!

Josh and I are so excited to share that we are having a baby BOY! We found out yesterday and it was an amazing moment I'm sure we won't ever forget. We went to a Korean clinic in Seoul to find out the gender of baby. We had no idea how to get there by car so we took the subway. When we got there we were surprised to see that one Americsn midwife worked at the clinic and she was really helpful in helping us with out paperwork. The clinic is actually a natural birthing clinic and she said that lots of Americans choose to have their babies there as opposed to on base. Anyways, it was nice to have someone to communicate with and was so helpful! We waited about 20 minutes and went in for the ultrasound with a sweet Korean woman who spoke very limited English. She measured baby and looked at the brain saying that everything was growing correctly and is the size it should be at this stage. It was hard to get a good picture through, because baby was face down with its head down low and toes up by my belly button. She asked if we wanted to know the gender and said, very anti- climatically, "baby is boy." I was crying, of course, and asked her if she was sure. I was just so excited and wanted confirmation. This confused her. I said "100% boy or maybe girl?" This confused her also. Anyways, we couldn't see any boy parts because of baby's position, so we weren't entirely convinced. We were SO happy, but didn't want to text any family yet in case we could be wrong. So, I ate a small snack and walked around the clinic for about 30 minutes, hoping to get baby moving around a bit. We had a consultation with Dr Park and I told her that I wasn't confident in what the ultrasound technician told us and she kindly offered to give us another quick ultrasound in her office. The screen on the wall was HUGE. Well, all my walking around and Chex Mix eating worked because baby was laying lengthwise and was no longer face down. Immediately he spread his legs as if to say "There is NO way I'm a girl.... See? All boy!!" This was particularly hilarious because the screen was so big!! So, now I can confidently say that baby is 100% boy and we are thrilled!!! I have been saying baby was a boy since the beginning. In fact, about two days before our apointment I said to Josh, " What if baby is a Girl? I've been so convinced that baby was a boy that I haven't even considered having a girl!" Josh was saying baby was a girl but on the way to the apointment he said, "I really hope baby is a boy. I just want a little buddy." It is such a special feeling to know that baby is not just "it" anymore. Josh and I have been looking at Coug gear online and I've been planning things for the nursery all morning. I also started working on a baby registry. It's such a special and exciting time for us. I would post pictures from this ultrasound, but they are pretty horrible. We have lots of baby's backbone and a nice large picture of baby's man parts- ha! We also have a 3D photo but baby needs to get some body fat before those pictures look good. He's not even one pound yet. I have another doctor apointment in 3 weeks for a fetal growth scan and I'm hoping to get a precious little side profile picture of baby boy. Oh, and in other great news I've been feeling baby move around. I've felt that I was feeling kicks and movement for a while now, but wasn't entirely sure. Last night I was watching the Bachelorette (don't judge!) and definitely felt babys strong kick!!! Incredibly exciting!! Sending lots of love and hoping you're all doing well. Thanks for sharing this great journey with us!! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Josh and I have been been great. Josh continues to work all the time, but thankfully enjoys his job. The weather in Seoul has been hot and the humidity will appear soon (yuck!) We've been busy doing fun activities with friend and enjoying the last months we have as just a family of 2. I've been feeling great and we both feel so blessed that this pregnancy, thus far, has been problem-free.
Next Tuesday (the 29th) we are heading to a Korean clinic to find out if baby is a boy or girl. The Army clinic scheduled baby's fetal growth scan and gender ultrasound for mid-June (I would be almost 21 weeks then) but the Korean clinic will tell you baby's gender as early as 15 weeks for just 70,000won (about $65 US dollars.) When we have the appointment I will be 18.5 weeks along and the doctors said there should be no problems in seeing baby's gender. Let's just hope baby's not shy and we can see boy or girl parts! We are both so anxious and excited and I am sure it will bring us to another exciting part of pregnancy! I am so excited to start shopping for nursery decor and sweet little baby clothes once we know babys sex.
Here are the photos we've taken over the last few weeks:

16 weeks pregnant- Happy Mothers Day

17 weeks pregnant- that belly is growing!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby Brown Photos

I am now 16 weeks pregnant! Tomorrow I have another doctors appointment and we should find out baby's gender in 2-3 weeks. We are both so excited to know the gender. I'm excited to start buying baby clothes and planning a nursery as well. I've been feeling good and, for the most part, the morning sickness has subsided. I still feel nausious at times, but not nearly as often.
We've been taking some photos and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post them. Our lives sure get busy quickly around here. Here are the photos we have so far. My belly is growing a bit, but I feel that in the last 2 weeks or so it's stayed the same size. I am sure that soon I will really start showing a "baby belly" and not just look like I had a big lunch! :)

9 weeks pregnant- on my birthday

Josh's first baby purchase- sweet baby socks

11 weeks pregnant - on my way to a party with friends. It was so hard to not tell anyone I was pregnant, as almost all of the women there were moms and good friends!

On my way to Josh and my anniversary dinner on April 10. This morning we had an ultrasound and heard baby's heartbeat for the first time. What an amazing moment. It was truly one I'll remember forever. Seeing baby do a sumersault and hear the heartbeat was so wonderful. We celebrated our second anniversaryt that night at a delicious restaurant in Jeonga, South Kore!

14 weeks pregnant

14 weeks pregnant- on our way to a birthday party

15 weeks- going to the Army Aviation Birthday Ball in Seoul

15 weeks pregnant- Celebrating Stephanies birthday

15.5 weeks pregnant