Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flat Stanley Project

My second graders and I have been reading Flat Stanely, a book about a little boy named Stanley. Stanley has a bulletin board fall on him when he is sleeping one night (ouch!) and wakes up to discover that he is FLAT! He wants to visit his friend in California, so his mother mails him in an envelope to save money. This is a very popular kids book and a large activity with kids around the world has come from it. You mail a Flat Stanley doll to places around the world and people take pictures with the doll and mail it back to you. 

This has been a WONDERFUL project for my kids, who are learning about America in social but have never been before. The pictures really helped them get a better idea of what America looks like and what people like to do there. I feel blessed to have so many friends across the US (Thank you, Army!) and many friends who have moved away from WA after college (Go Cougs!) Here are some photos of the kids and some photos that have been sent back to us from around the US!
The whole class learning about our fun project

Rose with her Flat Rose

Elly with her Flat Elly

Eddie with his Flat Eddie

Candy with her Flat Candy

Lucy with her Flat Lucy

My sweet second graders!!!

Now we are working on displaying these pictures and notes on a large US Map in our classroom. I am also making copies of all the pictures and making them into a book that the kids can take home and keep.

Flat Chloe taking a bike ride in Santa Monica

Chloe hanging out at the beach in CA

This was Chloe's favorite picture. Everyone wrote a note to the kids about what they did together. This is what Chloe did while Katie had to go to work! :)

On a field trip in Oregon

Flat Lucy hanging out in WA

Lucy learning her American history

Elly is OBSESSED with babies so of course I sent her to Jessica who is awaiting the arrival of her baby girl. Elly LOVES this picture! :)

Beautiful Utah

Lucy went to a wedding with Jamie and her boyfriend

Visiting the Washington D.C.


Eddie's response to this picture was pretty great. He said, "Oh, so I like coffee just like Ms Leah now!" 

Eddie visited Mrs Adam's class in WA

Chloe taking a ride with Lori in her Jeep!

Chloe in WA with Lori

Jacob, my sweet nephew with flat Lucy

Flat Rose at a college in Arkansas

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