Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Busy busy busy

Here are some random photos that we have taken around school lately. The weather has been getting much nicer and I’m hoping to get the kids outside for some classes soon. The elementary kids have been busy with term tests (quarterly tests that they take in every class) and the administration has been running around like chickens with no heads over making sure the parents are pleased with the test scores. (It’s hard to blame them though…these parents pay A LOT for their kids to come to this hagwan). I’ve been working on creating these tests, grading them and also working on a total of 152 report cards. We have a parent presentation coming up also, so we want everything to be perfect. Yuck! I will be SO  glad when the next few weeks are over, as it’s just a really high stress time around here.Then we start new parts in our book and it's like a new school year all over again!
But, on the bright side the kinders and I are taking a field trip to a local wild flower farm tomorrow, which should be a great time. A great field trip for the wonderful weather we have been having. I will be sure to post photos in the next few days! 

Hope everyone is doing well. Josh and I are both working like crazy (Josh about 60 hour weeks and my weeks are about 50-55) and really looking forward to our vacation back to the states in about two months! This weekend we are hoping to check out the Seoul Zoo and a baseball game!

Kevin and Joshua, grade 1

Kinders Sarah, Brian, Angela and Sam

Art with Jun

Erin, such a sweetie

Just love this little face

Henry. It's hard to find a photo where he doesn't have this signature pose.

For art we made Chinese lanters,but they quickly turned into hula skirts after Sean was running around with it around his hips. This envolved into skirts and purses for the girls. If I've learned anything as a teacher it's to just go with the flow. So, we turned on some hula music and practiced our moves. :)

Dorothy and Erin,our youngest kinders


Iris always has to have the best art project. If someone can make 10 lanters, she will make 11. Some of the kids have even taken to helping her in art so she has the most. Oh boy. Anyways, here she is with her many lanterns. 

Lantern making

Iris, Sarah, Erin (the older Erin) and Angela

Erin, Angela and Sam posing with the prize box. They were awarded the best RDB presentation. They memorize a book, have hand motions to go with it and have a presentation every month. 
Next week parents come to watch the RDB presentation so we have been working really hard to make sure it is the best one yet!

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