Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cirque du Soleil- Vareki

This past weekend we went to Cirque do Soleil for the first time. Wow! What an incredible show. We saw Vareki and I would recommend it to anyone. I know that next time another show comes to Seoul we will definatley be getting tickets! Cameras weren’t allowed inside the tent, but here are some pictures outside. The tent was awesome and actually quite small inside, so practically every seat was a good one. When we went inside the tent the lady checking tickets was talking a little bit of English to us. She told us that there were seats better than ours that had not been purchased. She led us to those seats and said that those were our new seats. They were more central to the stage and a few rows up. Wonderful seats! 

Before the show started we met our friends from Fort Rucker Pieter and Melissa for some pre-show snacks and drinks. There was a baseball game going on so we hung out around the stadium, which is right next to the Cirque do Soleil tent. The atmosphere was awesome and we are going to try to get to a game this weekend because they seemed so fun, even from the outside! 
Josh outside the baseball stadium

The baseball stadium

The Olympic Stadium is right around the corner!

Something that Korean couples LOVE is to dress alike. It’s actually pretty hilarious to see what some couples come up with and their desire to look alike. There were TONS of couples walking around dressed the same outside the baseball game, but I didn’t want to be a creeper and take pictures of everyone, so here is what I got.

Something else that never ceases to amaze me here is how women are always so beautifully dressed. Most women are always in a dress, heels, full makeup and beautifully done hair, even at a laid back baseball game. Talk about fancy! 

I’ll be sure to take pictures if we make it to a game this coming weekend! I’ve heard that Korean baseball games are wonderfully addicting because they are so cheap, the atmosphere is so fun, and the Koreans have some fun traditions that we won’t have in the states, like a special song you sing for EACH player when it is their turn to bat! 

Us outside the Cirque du Soleil tent

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