Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the Browns!!
So much to be thankful for this year!

Play Time

Cooper has been loving playing on his play mat. Yesterday, Thanksgiving, we had him playing on his play mat doing some tummy time and she surprised us by rolling over! Exciting! He's rolled over a handful of times today as well.

Reaching up to play with his toys

"Dad!! Wake up and play with me!!"

Bath Time

Cooper LOVES his nap these days. Good news, considering he screamed bloody murder during his first baths at home. We have come a long way!
How cute is he in his new little robe?!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cooper's pictures- 1 day new

This weekend we had professional photos taken for our Christmas cards this year. I will post them sometime next week when we get them. Thankfully the weather was great and Cooper was in a great mood so I am sure they will turn out great.
Here are Coop's pictures from when he was just one day new. It's amazing to me how much he has changed and grown in just five weeks. Make it stop!! :-)

Made in Korea shirt - ha!!

Football baby

This is my favorite picture. We used it for his birth announcments. This little aviator hat was made by Josh's grandma...just adorable!

Coop and Daddy

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween from our sweet little pumpkin

"Really, mom?! More pictures?"

C is for Cooper!
Someone wasn't loving the photo shoot as much as I was.

"Score! Look at all this candy!"

Our little giraffe had a fun Halloween opening the door and handing out candy to all the trick or treaters

Coopers face in this one just cracks me up. "Mom? Dad? Why am I dressed up like this and why does mom keep taking SO many pictures? This is ridiculous!"

Sweet, sleepy baby

Who can resist a sweet sleeping baby?

Cooper's Bath Time

Thankfully, as time has gone on Cooper has started to enjoy his baths. The first few ones at home he just screamed and screamed and screamed. Now he seems to enjoy them more and just looks at us the whole time with a funny little grin on his face.

Sweet baby face

Love my sweet baby boy

Pumpkin Patch

When Cooper was two weeks old we went to the Aplin Farms Pumpkin Patch with my mom. Cooper slept most of the time in my moby wrap, which is one of my favorite baby items. Cooper loves to be all wrapped up and snuggled close to us when he's in the wrap. It's also nice to go out and have both hands free. Anyways, the punpkin patch was a fun way to spend the afternoon with our sweet little guy.

Me and Cooper...and a donkey butt??! Thanks, Josh! Ha!

Sweet little pumpkin baby snoozing away

We packed a lunch and enjoyed the nice weather before heading home

You'd never know it's the end of October, huh? The weather was so warm!

Heading home with Cooper

Because of my c-section we were in the hospital for four long days. We were so ready to head home, especially after my mom arrived. We had been in our house less than a week before I went into labor, so there were still lots of boxes in the house but the kitchen was unpacked and the nursery was all ready for Cooper. The first week my mom was there we stayed home mostly, as I was feeling pretty crummy and recovering. Also, Cooper was diagnosed with jaundice and had to stay at home under some fancy lights to get his billiruben levels down. Thankfully, the second week Cooper's jaundice went away and I was feeling much better. We were able to get out for some meals, walk a little around the neighborhood, walk around the mall and take Cooper to the pumpkin patch. We also had some friends over for dinner.
Here are some pictures of Cooper's first weeks at home.

Arriving at home from the hospital

Welcome Home Baby Cooper!

I love this picture and how peaceful and milk drunk sweet baby is. The best part? Right before this I was changing his diaper and he peed all over me. That didn't take long! Ha!

Cooper's first doctors appointment

This is the jaundice bed that Coop was in for about four days. After a little while he seemed to like the bed and slept well in it. The base was gel so I bet it was comfy. The worst part of the jaundice ordeal was that every day, for four days, we had to go to the doctor and get his blood drawn to see if his billiruben levels had gone down. When his last blood test came back that his levels were low we were so happy! No more pricks in his tiny little heels!

Our little pumpkin!

Welcome Sweet Baby

HE'S HERE! Cooper Allen Brown came into the world on October 10 just after midnight. He weighed 7 pounds and 4 ounces and was 20 inches long.
On the afternoon of the 9th I was having some serious back pain and just thought that my body was telling me to slow down. I had been go, go, go with getting the house set up and getting everything ready for the baby and hadn't been resting as much as I should have. So, I took a nap, took a bath and was relaxing in bed watching TV, but the pain wouldn't go away. I had been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions for a few months, but the pain I was feeling was very different. I honestly didn't think I was in labor because my due date was 17 days away! Also, I had had a doctors appointment the day before and didn't show any signs of being in labor.
So, a few hours later the pain got worse and I started to time my contractions. SO SHOCKED when all my contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart! Yikes! Josh and I quickly packed a hospital bag, called the doctor on call, and headed to the hospital. When we checked into the hospital around 9pm by contractions were 2 minutes apart and I was 6cm dialated. Baby boy was on his way. Everything happened so fast that Josh and I were both so surprised. I was still shocked that I was in labor- Ha!
Everything seemed to be looking good and I met the doctor on call, Dr General. I hadn't met her before that night, but Josh and I both really liked her and felt comfortable with her right away. She ended up being an AMAZING doctor. I don't have enough good things to say about her.
When I was 7cm dialated some problems started happening. Every time I had a contraction babys heart rate would drop pretty low and with each passing contraction his heart rate would go lower and lower, and stay lower for longer periods of time. This was a pretty scary time for us. The doctors tried a few things to remedy this problem, but nothing seemed to work. It was apparent that the only course of action would be a c-section, and fast.
I was so surprised and scared and unprepared for a c-section. I skipped all those chapers in the baby books- ha! Everything happened really quickly because baby was in danger and my contractions were so close together. I quickly signed some consent paperwork, Josh put scrubs over his clothes and we were off to the operating room.
Less than 30 minutes later our sweet baby boy was born, Cooper Allen Brown. Josh was able to watch the c section and saw Cooper right away. I heard his first cry and was able to see him for a short minute before he was taken to be cleaned up by the nurses. Josh went with Cooper and I was in the operating room for another 45 minutes or so. I was finally able to hold Coop and spend time with him about three hours later. I think that was the worst part for me- not being able to hold him right away and having to wait to see him.
Cooper had some bruising on his face (poor little guy) but was completely healthy. The c section was not part of the plan, and the recovery was really difficult at times, but I'm just so thankful to have our sweet little guy here with us. He's such a blessing and really fills a hole in my heart that I didn't even realize was there before he came into our lives. Being a mommy is truly the best. Now, 5 weeks later, I'm definitely recovered and feeling back to my normal self, with the added sleep deprivation of course. Right after the c section I couldn't bend over to pick up the baby or change his diaper, wasn't able to drive for three weeks and couldn't sit or lay down without help. I'm so thankful to be back to my old self and able to do things for myeslf and for my sweet baby boy. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the hospital.

First picture at the hospital. Ready to get this show on the road and meet baby Cooper!

Our first family photo as a family of 3. This picture just makes my heart melt. I love how beautiful this moment was, and love how happy Josh looks.

One day new

Snuggle time with mom

When the doctors decided that I needed a c section Josh called my mom to tell her. She got online and booked a plane ticket for Saturday. We are so lucky that she was able to come and stay for two weeks! I love how happy she looks in this picture. You'd have no idea she just flew on a red eye to come and meet baby Cooper. Right after she arrived we were discharged and were able to head home.

Move to Alabama

Josh and I were pretty excited to find out that we would be moving back to Alabama. Not because it's such an amazing place, but because it's familiar to us and we don't necessarily dislike it. There are plenty of things to do within driving distance, we know where everything is, Josh should have a pretty regular 9am-5pm work schedule and we'd have friends there also. And, after the hustle and bustle of Seoul, Enterprise Alabama seemed pretty appealing.
Thankfully Josh and I were able to fly together. When we flew to Alabama I was almost 35 weeks pregnant so I was happy to not be flying alone like when I flew from Korea. Thankfully the flight was easy and I was moderately comfortable. Baby must love to fly because both times (Korea to Seattle and Seattle to Alabama) he was just kicking around and moving a ton. What a squirmy baby!
Well, let's try to make this long story short and get to the good stuff AKA baby boy coming into the world! We got to Alabama, stayed in a hotel for a little over a week, bought me a new car (which I love love love love love!), found a house, signed the lease on the house two days later, met my new doctor and got registered at the hospital I chose to deliver at, drove to Birmingham (about 3.5 hours away) to get Josh's new truck, had three different shipments come to the house and deliver all of our stuff, get new furniture and have it delivered, set up the house, buy baby everything he needed (crib, dresser, car seat, stroller, pack and play, diapers, wipes, clothes etc). Oh, and two weeks later I had a baby. Sounds crazy, right?!?!
We are still so shocked that everything happened so fast.We had so much to do in such a short period of time!
Such a stressful, exciting and crazy time. The best part? Times like this just remind me that Josh and I are such a good team. We worked through everything as a team and handled the stress well. We had so many big decisions to make and it was just such a hectic time. I'm so lucky to have such an amazing husband to live this crazy life with!!
Up next.... Baby boy makes his arrival EARLY!

Catch Up Time much has happened in the last three months! I keep meaning to update the blog, and life just gets in the way. So, now I am going to try to catch everyone up to speed, in words and pictures, about the crazy life of the Browns!
I left Korea at the end of August. I left about three weeks before Josh because of international flying regulations while pregnant. Saying goodbye to all my dear friends was so, so hard. We really truly were blessed with making lifelong friends while overseas. When you're military and live far away from family your friends really do become your family. You spend holidays together and become so close. Anyways, leaving everyone was hard. Really hard.
Josh moved in with a friend for his last few weeks there and I boarded a plane to Japan then to Seattle. Heidi picked me up and I spend a few days with her, Jake, Emma and Jacob in Bellingham. Jet lag was tricky but thankfully not as bad as I expected. Maybe I was just used to not getting much sleep because of my ever growing belly.
After a few days in Bellingham I headed home to Sequim. My mom had seen me pregnant but no one else had, so it was fun to go visit everyone. I think Sam's reaction was the best. I got to the house for the first time and saw his dog, who had really grown and gotten bigger. I said, "Wow, Maya is so big!" His response? "So are you!!" Haha! My dad was pretty funny also. Every time I walked into a room he would just laugh and laugh saying things like, " I forget youre pregnant and you waddle in and it just kills me. This is so awesome!" Ha!
It was so great to share the exciting time in our life with everyone back at home.
I was also so blessed to have another baby shower when I was back at home. Jessica came to visit from Utah, Heidi came from Bellingham, Lydia came from Bellevue, Jessica A came from Pullman and Erin and her mom came from Portland. So nice to be surrounded by my favorite people and to see all the love everyone had for baby boy, even before he arrived. It really was surreal and overwhelming at times. I am surrounded by such amazing friends. Baby was showered with lots of adorable clothes and gift cards, which we later used to buy his car seat, stroller, pack and play and random things like diapers and wipes.
The week after the baby shower Josh arrived from Korea- yay!! He was able to stay at home and visit everyone for one week before we made our big move to Alabama. He had a great time eating all the foods he had missed and seeing everyone.
Up next.... our move to Alabama!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello third trimester!

Lots has been going on here the last few weeks. About two weeks our movers came and our entire house was packed up and should be on its way back to the states. The packing went smoothly and we are praying that everything arrives safe, in one piece, and before baby makes his grand appearance. Being in an empty house has been weird and pretty boring, but it will all be worth it when we don't  have everything we own delivered to a new house with a newborn baby! :)
I leave Korea in three days so it's been a week of saying goodbyes, which is always sad. We've been so blessed by wonderful friends here. I am ready to leave Korea, however. Being pregnant in Korea presents a huge set of problems and irritations, and I am so glad to leave them behind.  I'm sure at times I will miss Korea, but at this point I feel that I'll mostly just miss my friends, and of course Josh, who will stay here another few weeks and finish up work.
I'm really looking forward to a few weeks back at home before the crazyness of our life in AL starts again (find a house- find a new car- meet new doctor- register at the hospital- unpack and decorate the house- set up baby boy's nursery- have Josh start a new job- find a pediatrician etc....) I'll spend a few days with Heidi first (can't wait for some sis time!) then stay with my parents for the rest of the time. I'll have a baby shower, see my lovely friend Andrea get married, Jessica is coming to visit from Utah, and hopefully Erin can come up from PDX also. I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone!
This week I'm 31 weeks pregnant, but we have been so busy we've forgotten to take pictures the last few weeks. Week 29 was a bit rough as I had the flu, but thankfully I'm feeling much better and ready for my long day of travel this week (Seoul- Japan- Seattle- Bellingham!) Josh was a great nurse and I'm so happy to be feeling  back to myself again.
 I've been feeling really tired lately and miss the energy I had in my second trimester. This time of year Korea is really hot and humid also- yuck. I know I'll be much more comfortable in WA with the onset of fall- y favorite season!! I had my last doctors appointment in Korea this morning and everything looks great. Baby is healthy and growing just like he should be, and that's what really matters to me. Can't wait to meet him in just a little over two months!
Here are the pictures we have from week 28:

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Baby Shower in Korea

Two weeks ago Baby Brown had a fantastic baby shower. We are so blessed with amazing friends here. When we told our friends about the pregnancy they were all so excited for us and we have really felt so loved and cared for through this time in our lives. Jenelle, Myriam and Stephanie threw us a baby shower and it was a TOTAL success. They were planning this party even before we knew if baby was a boy or girl! They have so many creative ideas and decor and everyone at the party had a great time. One of my favorite parts was that we played really different games. It was not a traditional baby shower. I also loved how the boys were involved. For most of the shower the boys were outside playing washers, drinking beer, barbequing and having fun together. But, they played some games with us and were there when Josh and I opened presents. I think it was a great balance.
We had such a wonderful day, and baby Brown was SPOILED. Already I can tell that he will be one stylish baby. We really appreciate the fantastic baby shower that our friends went through so much effort to put on for us. Here are some pictures from the day:

Adorable little Korean clothes for baby Brown. During the shower the guests created onesies for baby and they were displayed here. Josh chose his favorite onesie, made by Nelena, and she won a prize. I was very impressed with her onesie! Josh loved it, of course, because it had a helicopter on it!

Stephanie did an amazing job with all the cute decorations

Such a great idea! All the guests signed their names and a little message for baby inside this Korean/English book.

Friends making onesies for baby

This was a fun game that the guys really got into. Each person had a big bowl full of baby socks. The goal of the game was to match all the baby socks before the other person.

Present time. Like I said, baby was so spoiled. Baby got lots of cute clothes, some amazing homemade blankets, some homemade artwork for his nursery and a Baby Bullet to make homemade baby food.

Baby also got some really great Korean/Engilsh baby books. Mom and Dad got some great books about taking care of baby as well. Perfect!

Me with the fabulous hosts of the baby shower, Jenelle, Myriam and Stephanie. Such dear friends to me!

How special it was that Grandma Connie was at the baby shower!