Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Catch Up Time

Whew....so much has happened in the last three months! I keep meaning to update the blog, and life just gets in the way. So, now I am going to try to catch everyone up to speed, in words and pictures, about the crazy life of the Browns!
I left Korea at the end of August. I left about three weeks before Josh because of international flying regulations while pregnant. Saying goodbye to all my dear friends was so, so hard. We really truly were blessed with making lifelong friends while overseas. When you're military and live far away from family your friends really do become your family. You spend holidays together and become so close. Anyways, leaving everyone was hard. Really hard.
Josh moved in with a friend for his last few weeks there and I boarded a plane to Japan then to Seattle. Heidi picked me up and I spend a few days with her, Jake, Emma and Jacob in Bellingham. Jet lag was tricky but thankfully not as bad as I expected. Maybe I was just used to not getting much sleep because of my ever growing belly.
After a few days in Bellingham I headed home to Sequim. My mom had seen me pregnant but no one else had, so it was fun to go visit everyone. I think Sam's reaction was the best. I got to the house for the first time and saw his dog, who had really grown and gotten bigger. I said, "Wow, Maya is so big!" His response? "So are you!!" Haha! My dad was pretty funny also. Every time I walked into a room he would just laugh and laugh saying things like, " I forget youre pregnant and you waddle in and it just kills me. This is so awesome!" Ha!
It was so great to share the exciting time in our life with everyone back at home.
I was also so blessed to have another baby shower when I was back at home. Jessica came to visit from Utah, Heidi came from Bellingham, Lydia came from Bellevue, Jessica A came from Pullman and Erin and her mom came from Portland. So nice to be surrounded by my favorite people and to see all the love everyone had for baby boy, even before he arrived. It really was surreal and overwhelming at times. I am surrounded by such amazing friends. Baby was showered with lots of adorable clothes and gift cards, which we later used to buy his car seat, stroller, pack and play and random things like diapers and wipes.
The week after the baby shower Josh arrived from Korea- yay!! He was able to stay at home and visit everyone for one week before we made our big move to Alabama. He had a great time eating all the foods he had missed and seeing everyone.
Up next.... our move to Alabama!!

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