Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Today my grandma emailed me these photos and I just couldn't resist myself- I had to post them. They are so stinkin' cute!
My mom and I surprised her at a party celebrating her 25th anniversary working at the bank. I was 4. Love pictures of all three generations together!  

Monday, August 29, 2011

Stages of Procrastination

I found this today and it perfectly describes how I am feeling about work this week. I have tests to administer and grade in every class I teach, have 113 report cards to write, need to prepare for the summer musical as I am presenting, singing and dancing AND the MC, and have done  ZERO preparation for any of these. 
Usually I am NOT a procrastinator. In college I had finished many class projects in the first week of class, but I've found myself to be having a less dedicated attitude lately (maybe I am still on vacation mode?!?!) Anyways, I am sitting at my desk writing report cards, and this describes my emotions perfectly. 
I've got my large cup of coffee, a two hour break and about zero motivation, so we will see what happens. LOL!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Seattle Getaway

Josh and I had an AMAZING time back in the USA. You truly don't realize how wonderful and EASY living somewhere is until you move overseas. Having time with our families was the best and we enjoyed many things like our favorite breakfast restaurant (Oak Table), our favorite burger places (Tootsies and Frugals) and Mexican food. (Oh all that I miss about America the food? Haha!)
We decided to spend our last three days in the states on a mini vacation-just us. When we first discussed this idea I was a bit apprehensive. We only had a few weeks with our families and I wanted all the time with them we could get. But, taking a few days for just us was the best thing we could have done.

We were both so busy our entire trip, that many days we didn't even see each other. Having a few days to be together before we came back to Korea was wonderful. We both work so many hours and have stressful jobs (Josh's more than mine, for sure) and it's hard to find time to relax and be together between our 10-12 hour work days.
We had a great time in Seattle. We went to two Mariners games (won one, lost another), explored Pike Place Market, did some shopping, did the Seattle Underground Tour (recommend 100%) and was able to see friends that we haven't seen since our wedding! The weather was beautiful and we couldn't have had a better "mini vacation." Here are some photos from our time in Seattle:

Pikes Place Market

The Monday night game was "Korea Night" at Safeco. No joke. We just can't escape- haha!

We had amazing seats. We were in the fourth row behind the Mariners dugout! The next night we were in the second row back by third base.

The Mariner moose dancing on top of the dugout

Lunch out before heading to the Seattle Underground Tour

The Seattle Underground Tour was really, really fun. After the tour we met up with Jamie, Andie and Andie's boyfriend, Warren. I guess I was so excited I forgot to take a picture. We hadn't all been together since Josh and I got married, so it was so nice to just chat and catch up!
Next, Josh and I went to another Mariner game (they lost this one, but won the game Monday night). The next morning we were at the airport and off to Korea.
The flight back to Korea seemed so much longer (thank you wind patterns) but we kept pretty busy with movies, games and small naps here and there. Once we got home (after flying, taking a shuttle bus, taking a taxi to pick up our car, then driving home-whew!) we were exhausted and slept like rocks. Good thing too- because the next morning we were back at work!!!
It's so nice to be back here (Oh how I missed my nice comfy bed!) but it's sad, of course. We are just getting adjusted to the time and getting back into the groove of work. We are SO thankful we were able to take this trip back to the states and see all of our favorite people!! :)

Best day!

Heidi and Jakes wedding day was perfection. The couple looked amazing and their love for each other is very inspirational. Enjoy the photos!


Heidi's getting married!

Heidi's bachelorette party was SUCH a fun time. We had a great dinner in Bellingham and then were on the road to the Tulalip Casino. The best part was that we were able to keep the secret from Heidi and she had no idea where we were going. We reserved VIP booth in their club and had a blast!!!

All ready for our night out. Love my sis! :)

Dinner out before heading to the casino

A group of guys were celebrating a bachelor party and bought us yummy shots. (Sidenote: We are almost certain not one of those guys were getting married, they just said that to get us to come to their table. LOL!)


After- haha!

Family photo :)

The whole group!

Such a fun night!

There's no place like home

What an amazing trip we had back in the states. We left Seoul and 22 hours later we were at my parents house in Sequim. (Well, 22 hours and 3 minutes to be exact- we had a timer going.) What a trek!

5,210 miles flying between Incheon International Airport and SeaTac International Airport, a 2.5 hour drive to my parents house and we had arrived! Josh and I barely slept at all on the plane (Thank you excitement to be back in the states and a very unhappy, screaming toddler) and were exhausted, but SO happy to be back in the Northwest! We spent our first day back spending time with family, eating delicious food and drinking outside by the fire. Perfect.

We did so many things while we were home. We picked blueberries with Josh's Grandma and enjoyed them in DELICIOUS cobbler the next day. My brother and I spent the day at the beach to celebrate his birthday, followed by a yummy Dora the Explorer ice cream cake. We had lots of special times with our nephew Jacob. He is so precious to us. I celebrated Heidi getting married by an awesome bachelorette party followed by a road trip back home with Jessica.
Josh and I both felt so priveledged to be a part of Heidi and Jakes wedding and when the ceremony finally arrived we cried happy tears. SUCH a perfect day.

There is too much to write about our fabulous times, so I will just upload tons of photos so you can see all the fun that we had.

Geoducking with 3 of our favorite people- my dad, Josh's dad and Crystal. It was SO nice to be on the water again and smell the salt water. Funny how you miss certain things once you move away.

Sam prepping the geoduck for dinner

Pt Townsend for Sam's birthday

Happy Birthday!!

Josh and Jacob getting ready to ride the train

On the train!

Another train ride the next weekend!

Josh and Jacob trying on their tuxes for the wedding. Sleepy boy!