Thursday, August 2, 2012

Baby Shower in Korea

Two weeks ago Baby Brown had a fantastic baby shower. We are so blessed with amazing friends here. When we told our friends about the pregnancy they were all so excited for us and we have really felt so loved and cared for through this time in our lives. Jenelle, Myriam and Stephanie threw us a baby shower and it was a TOTAL success. They were planning this party even before we knew if baby was a boy or girl! They have so many creative ideas and decor and everyone at the party had a great time. One of my favorite parts was that we played really different games. It was not a traditional baby shower. I also loved how the boys were involved. For most of the shower the boys were outside playing washers, drinking beer, barbequing and having fun together. But, they played some games with us and were there when Josh and I opened presents. I think it was a great balance.
We had such a wonderful day, and baby Brown was SPOILED. Already I can tell that he will be one stylish baby. We really appreciate the fantastic baby shower that our friends went through so much effort to put on for us. Here are some pictures from the day:

Adorable little Korean clothes for baby Brown. During the shower the guests created onesies for baby and they were displayed here. Josh chose his favorite onesie, made by Nelena, and she won a prize. I was very impressed with her onesie! Josh loved it, of course, because it had a helicopter on it!

Stephanie did an amazing job with all the cute decorations

Such a great idea! All the guests signed their names and a little message for baby inside this Korean/English book.

Friends making onesies for baby

This was a fun game that the guys really got into. Each person had a big bowl full of baby socks. The goal of the game was to match all the baby socks before the other person.

Present time. Like I said, baby was so spoiled. Baby got lots of cute clothes, some amazing homemade blankets, some homemade artwork for his nursery and a Baby Bullet to make homemade baby food.

Baby also got some really great Korean/Engilsh baby books. Mom and Dad got some great books about taking care of baby as well. Perfect!

Me with the fabulous hosts of the baby shower, Jenelle, Myriam and Stephanie. Such dear friends to me!

How special it was that Grandma Connie was at the baby shower!


  1. What a fun baby shower! And how wonderful that your mom was able to be there :) You look wonderful Leah! And I saw that you mentioned the Baby Bullet. We bought a regular Magic Bullet to make baby food. I'll be interested for us to share tips and ideas about homemade baby food!

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  3. Oh my goodness, this Baby Shower in Korea went out to be super enjoyable. I truly liked reading through every details and all of the d├ęcor looks outstanding. My sister is visiting us soon and she is expecting twins so I will be throwing the bash at one of the prettiest LA event venues.