Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello third trimester!

Lots has been going on here the last few weeks. About two weeks our movers came and our entire house was packed up and should be on its way back to the states. The packing went smoothly and we are praying that everything arrives safe, in one piece, and before baby makes his grand appearance. Being in an empty house has been weird and pretty boring, but it will all be worth it when we don't  have everything we own delivered to a new house with a newborn baby! :)
I leave Korea in three days so it's been a week of saying goodbyes, which is always sad. We've been so blessed by wonderful friends here. I am ready to leave Korea, however. Being pregnant in Korea presents a huge set of problems and irritations, and I am so glad to leave them behind.  I'm sure at times I will miss Korea, but at this point I feel that I'll mostly just miss my friends, and of course Josh, who will stay here another few weeks and finish up work.
I'm really looking forward to a few weeks back at home before the crazyness of our life in AL starts again (find a house- find a new car- meet new doctor- register at the hospital- unpack and decorate the house- set up baby boy's nursery- have Josh start a new job- find a pediatrician etc....) I'll spend a few days with Heidi first (can't wait for some sis time!) then stay with my parents for the rest of the time. I'll have a baby shower, see my lovely friend Andrea get married, Jessica is coming to visit from Utah, and hopefully Erin can come up from PDX also. I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone!
This week I'm 31 weeks pregnant, but we have been so busy we've forgotten to take pictures the last few weeks. Week 29 was a bit rough as I had the flu, but thankfully I'm feeling much better and ready for my long day of travel this week (Seoul- Japan- Seattle- Bellingham!) Josh was a great nurse and I'm so happy to be feeling  back to myself again.
 I've been feeling really tired lately and miss the energy I had in my second trimester. This time of year Korea is really hot and humid also- yuck. I know I'll be much more comfortable in WA with the onset of fall- y favorite season!! I had my last doctors appointment in Korea this morning and everything looks great. Baby is healthy and growing just like he should be, and that's what really matters to me. Can't wait to meet him in just a little over two months!
Here are the pictures we have from week 28:

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  1. So sorry you had the flu Leah! I was just telling Greg the other day how blessed we have been that I've been healthy all throughout the pregnancy. I can't imagine having the flu while pregnant! Have a wonderful trip home! So excited for you to be back in the states:)