Friday, September 30, 2011


Once a month kindergarten craft class becomes cooking class and this month we made fondue with the kids. It was a total mess but very fun also. 


Whole gang- class 1

Someone was SUPER excited!


Eugene and her cute new hair cut


Happy girl



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Summer Musical

I take lots of pictures at work, especially of the kindergarteners. They are just too cute! :) Recently we had our summer musical of The Emperors New Clothes, complete with a makeup artist coming to the school and some hilarious costumes. Many parents and grandparents came to the performance which is always fun. The kids had a great time showing their families what they have learned and their great singing, dancing and acting skills. Enjoy the photos: 

Getting makeup done before the performance

Eugene, Sean

Angela in her bathing suit costume change...I told you there were some weird costumes! :)

Holy makeup!

Jamie has such sweet expressions

Pretty Dorothy

The whole crew doing songs before the play

Jupiter Class

Earth class presentation about corn

Yep, that is me in my impressive song and dance number- haha

More singing and dancing with Ms Leah

The finale! :)

Sweet Mercury class being cowboys for their performance

Universe Class- the class I teach most

Angela and Sean, the emperor and his wife

Daniel, Matthew and the other Daniel

Andy, Jun and Henry. Henry's face is  great!

The gang's all here

Monday, September 26, 2011

Market Day at School

Once a year at school we have Market Day for the kindergarten kids. They get money for good behavior, good work and doing homework for about three weeks and on Market Day they are able to spend their money. All the kids bring their old toys and some new treasures to share. So, the kids spend their money on these treasures, books, candies and what they want to eat for lunch. The kids all wore their hanboks (traditional Korean clothing) and had a really fun time. It's always fun to have days like this with the kids are really just focus on having fun. But, I know the kids learned a lot about buying, selling and shopping as well. Overall, a wonderful day!

All the girls in their hanboks

Universe class

Earth class

I love this picture of Jupiter class because they look like they are getting along so well. They are so cute and happy together!

Mercury class- the babies

All the girls...and Sean

All the boys




Sean's face painting

Ready to shop!

Jamie getting his nails painted at the Nail Shop :)

Yummy Korean food

I was selling dumplings. Here I am with Angela (and her cute glasses she got for $20!) 

Looking so cute

Ms Leah, Eugene, Sean and his awesome face paint 

Erin getting her makeup done at the Nail Shop

Erin was so excited about the camera she got with her $$

Getting MY nails done at the Nail Shop :)