Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Korean Comics

A few weeks ago I posted some Korean comics to give you an idea of what it's REALLY like to live here in Seoul. I just came across some more and they really are hilarious. Enjoy!
Every foreign teacher will understand that one. It's so common for kids to act this way toward a teacher and comment on your apparent "whiteness."

Typical of my experiences shopping in Korea. 

This happens to me EVERY day on the bus and in elevators. Crazy!

These are yummy foods that are sold on the streets in Korea. They are a lot like waffle batter with red beans inside and are cooked like a hot pocket. They are delicious and CHEAP! You can get 4 for 1,000won (aka a little less than 1 dollar) and I usually can't eat more than 2 because they are so big. 

Shopping at Korean supermarkets on weekends is like shopping at 4am on Black Friday times 3. It's INSANE! We did it one time. Never again.

These machines are ALL OVER!

There are usually old Korean ladies on the subway selling something like socks or visors to keep the sun off your face. 

This is something really unusual in Korea. I see hospital patients all the time, because there is a hospital about 5 minutes from my school. Patients are outside, in their hospital gowns, walking around and usually smoking. (Have I mentioned how almost everyone in Korea smokes? It's a social thing and also extremely cheap.)

I feel like I've had this conversation with my students about 5 dozen times. Bizarre. 

It is very common for people to knock on your door and invite you to their churches. We get flyers for churches often as well. 

Men in Korea are, in my opinion, much more feminine than most men in the states. Men here carry large bags (aka man purses) and show much more interest in their appearance than you would expect. I love how in this comic the MAN is shopping for purses, not the women. It's SO Korea!

Bus drivers here are insane!

Poor Korean kids and their intense schooling schedules!

When you order pizza here in Korea it comes with many packages of pickles. Why? I have no idea. I also want to know why Korean pizza has slices of potato and/or corn on top. Things like this are why people lovingly refer to Korea as "the land of the NOT so right!" 

Personal space= non existent. Dunkin Donuts = seriously popular here.

I love running into kids who just want to talk to you because you speak English. You will have kids just run up to you, say things like this and run away. Haha!

This one is so funny. Koreans will pay high prices for conversation with native English speakers!

Annyeong Haseo = Hello :)

Many subway stations have bathrooms that look like this. Yuck! It's always a gamble to see what it will really be like.

Girls selling products in major stores like E Mart (Korean's version of WalMart) is really common!

Taxi drivers are more insane than bus drivers!

Korean couples LOVE to match and you see matching couples everywhere. What you also see in stores are "couples lingerie". Strange!

Shopping or browsing through stores in Korea is very different than in the states. Sales people will follow you around the store the entire time you are there. They will stand very close to you as well. I read that this is their way of being helpful and showing good customer service. But, being a Westerner and being use to shopping in Western style stores it can be hard not to get bothered by this behavior while shopping. 

Koreans LOVE to hike and bicycle. They also love to buy SUPER expensive gear! It's hilarious to see some of the outfits that people have. We, of course, exercise in American style work out clothes (work out shorts, old t shirts or tank tops) and are always stared at. I think the Koreans we see think we are "under dressed" for exercising! :)


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