Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hello from Seoul! Here is a quick update for you all. Things here have been fairly normal since we got back from our trip to the states. Josh has been working and flying lots. He's happy to be back and has been studying a lot for an upcoming test. He had the day off for Labor Day and enjoyed relaxing with friends (I was at work-boo!)
Things at school have been pretty stressful and busy, but are slowing down this week. We had a big parent presentation with songs, dancing and "The Emperors New Clothes" play. The parents loved and it and the kids did really well. They go all out with costumes and even hire a makeup person to come get the kids ready-haha! It was a fun day! I've been working on report cards for all my kids as well as getting curriculum ready for the next term.
Next week we get two new teachers, which is very exciting news for the kids. These teachers were at our school a few years ago, so many kids know them and are really happy they are coming back!
Next week is Chuseok aka Korean Thanksgiving. This is the most important Korean holiday and the majority of Koreans will travel to be with family for this 4 day weekend. Friends have told us that it looks like the end of the world because Seoul is EMPTY as everyone has traveled away. But, this can be great for foreigners! We are hoping to get some sightseeing done and also go to Carribean Bay, which is a huge water park in Seoul! They have crazy discounts for foreigners this week, because they know that we are the only ones who are in town! :)

This is traditional food eaten on Chuseok. It's called songpyeon. It is rice cake shaped into crescents that is steamed on pine needles.
Another traditional activity on Chuseok is to travel to the graves of immediate ancestors to clean the area around the tomb and plant flowers and bushes. People also offer food and drink to their ancestors.

I'll be sure to post photos of our Chuseok weekend adventures!

In about a month Mary and Steve will be here to visit and we can't wait! They will be in Asia for two months, but with us for about two weeks at the beginning of their adventures. We have lots of great things planned including a trip to the DMZ, a palace, Namsan Tower and some traditional markets. So excited they are coming to visit! :)

Hope you are all having a great week!

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