Monday, September 26, 2011

Korean Baseball Game

Baseball could easily be the biggest sport in Korea. Every expat we know has told us that our Korean experience is not complete until we go to a Korean baseball game and this past weekend we had our chance. One of Josh's friends was having a birthday so a ton of us headed to the baseball stadium.
Koreans LOVE baseball. First, we tried to get tickets online but they sell out online almost immediately. Your best bet is to buy the tickets early on game day.The guys went to the stadium over 4 hours early to get tickets and waited in line until the box office opened. (I was at yet another birthday party!) Anyways, they waited in line and the best seats available in our team's section were in the nosebleeds. But, the seats were behind first base so they were great even though we literally were the last row. :)

Korean baseball is very different from American baseball.Here's how: 

It seems that every player has his own song. When a batter is up, the crowd will usually sing something along the lines of “Choi Jeong HOME RUN!”  When they do hit a home run, though, the crowds go completely nuts, as if their singing worked. They also have these large inflatable noise makers (you will see them in the pictures) that they hit together and use to add hand motions to their songs and chants. It's hilarious! The game lasted about 5 hours because all this singing/chanting/dancing adds serious time to the game!

You won’t break the bank eating or drinking at a baseball game here. Forget about $10 beers or hot dogs that you will find in an American stadium. Also, you can bring it whatever food and drink you want so people around you are having full meals that they brought from home. On the flip side you can bring whatever beverages you want. No one checks your bags or anything. A little loose on security, maybe?! 

Overall the game was a fun experience. Here are the photos:

Korean baseball games have cheerleaders!

Here you can see all those inflatable noise makers

It really was a beautiful night for a game

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