Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Newest Photos

The craziness at school has FINALLY simmered down. Whew! Here are some recent photos!

Eugene working hard during art




Last week we made hand puppets from white gloves. This was the perfect craft for Angela. She was making up stories and all her 5 "characters" were interacting with each other. Cute! Well, cute until the Ms Leah character was "hit by bus and die." Thanks, Angela. :)

So sweet

Angela's "Thinking face"

Iris with her hand puppet

Eugene and her puppet

Sweet, sweet Jun. 

Ms Leah, Jun, Henry

Jun, Ms Leah, Henry, Erin

Dorothy, Ms Leah 

Dorothy, Ms Leah, Jun

Matthew, always so full of smiles and energy


Sean brought his Pokemon cards for show and tell

The kids were in love with the Pokemon cards...so funny!

My sweet kinders

Erin and Alex's birthday celebration

Happy Birthday!

Cake Time
Present Time

Picture Time

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