Thursday, September 1, 2011

Korean Cartoons

There are a lot of things about Korea that you can't understand until you live here. There are lots of things I still don't understand, and I've almost lived here a year. But, everyone can enjoy these cartoons about Korean culture and habit. They were created by an American living in Korea teaching English a few years back. They are hilarious! 

Kids are out extremely late in Korea, and often times by themselves. I see elementary aged kids on the bus alone after 10pm! This picture shows a kid coming out of an "English Hagwon," which is a school like mine. Older students attend a hagwon until 10 or 1030 pm, and go on Saturdays as well. 

Ah....the umbrellas in summer. Apparently there are "special" umbrellas for rain and other "special" umbrellas to keep the sun away! Also, can you see the fashionable visor? Korean women wear visors so large they have to turn their entire face to look a new direction. Haha! They are meant to keep the sun off their face. 

It is really common for Bongo trucks like these to drive down the roads and have loud speakers. I've heard that the messages are mostly political. 

Fashion in Korea is hard to describe. Young women dress VERY fashionably, often wearing 4 inch heels everywhere. But, the older women dress in random prints and look like they got dressed in the dark. 


Many people watch TV on their phones in Korea.

I've never been more scared than driving in a Korean taxi :) haha! They are madness!

This is just what I feel like when I shop. The shop owners or workers look me up and down and comment on my "bigness" or how "large" parts of my body are.

A few months ago I went to a bar/restaurant and before you went into the bathroom the bartender gave you a roll of toilet paper and you had to take the amount that you wanted before you entered the bathroom. It was the most awkward thing! 

Yep, it's still awkward for me too :)

I admit it...I use that "dumb white girl" card a lot...haha! Outside our apartment complex there are special garbage cans that only accept certain bags. You have to sort your garbage before you put them in the special bags, before you put them in the special garbage can. Talk about complicated!

You know you are in Seoul when you have to run off the sidewalk because someone is coming at you on a motorcycle. True story!

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