Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hello Kitty Cafe, Hongdae

Hello Kitty is very popular here and this week I explored the Hello Kitty Cafe with 7 of my friends. Yesterday was National Foundation Day in Korea aka a Korean holiday where I don't have to work-yes! The oh so sad part about this is that it's the last holiday until Christmas so I'll be working like mad until Christmas Eve. But, despite that depressing thought I had a great day with great friends. I took TONS of pictures so I'll be breaking it up into multiple blog posts. We explored the Hello Kitty Cafe, Charlie Brown Cafe, walked around Myeongdong and did some shopping, found an amazing little coffee shop called Gammo all before making the 1.5 hour train ride back home. The day was beautiful as fall is just arriving in Seoul. Such a great day with great conversation and lots of laughs. Gema and I finished the day at Josh and my favorite Korean BBQ restaurant by our house. All in all a FABULOUS way to spend by day off!!!

Hongdae is a great area of Seoul. On the weekends and late night it's famous for great clubs and an exciting nightlife. During the days there are numerous coffee shops and fun areas to explore. There is even a coffee shop that is full of live cats to play and snuggle with! (Sounds creepy to me, but I am sure some people love it!)

Hongdae is pretty easy to get to as well. It's located on line 2 (green line) at Hongik University Exit. 

Cute chairs

Julie and I outside the Hello Kitty Cafe. Julie and I went to high school together and now we are both living here with our hubbies. Wonderful!

Inside was SO girly and fabulous

Yummy treats!

The whole group!

How can a place close at 24:00? Doesn't that mean you never close? Haha!

Hello Kitty Cheesecake

My lovely friend Gema and me

Mens bathroom

Women's bathroom

Sarah, Julie, Me and Gema

Women's bathroom (Sorry all the photos are coming up out of order!)



The coffee was so delicious and adorable, too!

Women's bathroom

Women's bathroom

Carrie, Dani, Vanessa, me and Jasmine


More yummy coffee!

I'm sorry all the photos came up out of order. I kept trying to change it, but blogger is being difficult. Hope you enjoyed them anyways!! :)

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