Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lamp Museum- October Field Trip

Who takes kindergarteners to a lamp museum? We do, apparently! Haha! The October field trip was to a lamp museum surrounded my rice fields and run down shops. The good news is that the lamp museum was very small and only took about 20 minutes to get through. So, the rest of the field trip was fun time playing with the kids outside and having a picnic. 
Here are some pictures from inside the lamp museum:

Boring, right? Thank goodness we weren't in there for that long!

The weather is getting much colder but it was great to enjoy the crisp fall day before the Seoul winter sets in and even the though of going outside is depressing. :)  

This is the inside of the museum. 

Dorothy, Erin, Matthew

Ms Leah, Jenith, Ms Ginny, Erin, Dorothy, Eugene 

Brian, Daniel, Iris, Ms Leah, Erin

Daniel, Angela, Eugene, Sam, Ms Leah, Matthew

Getting organized for games

Andy and his strange hat

Eugene and Dorothy

Iris, Brian


Matthew, such an adorable face and personality 

What a crew :)

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