Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autumn at BIS

We've been busy at school getting ready for Halloween. All crafts this month have been Halloween related and this one was really fun. We made trick or treat baskets for the kids! Inside is a clear plastic cup to hold their candy! 

Serious faces

Working hard 

Best buddies

The girls

Finished product

How can you NOT love these little faces?! :)

Ghost day!

Jun and Daniel's birthday celebration

The best part of this photo is Daniel's tie (on right.) He came to school in sweatpants and an old shirt, while Jun was in this random suspender and pleated, plaid short getup. Anyways, the Korean staff decided he was just TOO casual for a birthday photo so they made him this tie from PAPER! Haha!

Too sweet

He was SO happy it was his birthday. When the other kids were "too slow" singing him happy birthday he started singing to himself! :) 


I LOVE Iris' face in this picture HAHAHA!!!

Halloween is in a few days and the teachers have been working hard on creating our Angry Birds costumes. The kids are OBSESSED with this game and we knew it was the perfect costume idea. We have been making them all from hand and they turned out WONDERFULLY! I will be sure to post pictures of all of us IN our costumes. 

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