Friday, March 25, 2011

Lots of New Photos!

The students have a class at BIS about musical where they learn to sing and dance. Two times a year they put on a big production and the parents come to watch. Yesterday I got to school and they were "improvising with instruments." Jenith was hitting an old juice bottle with a crayon like a drum, Iris was using the play guitar as a violin and Angela was doing some crazy dance (per her usual!)

Then, Angela started playing her pretend violin.

Iris playing her guitar/violin

Thursday is the morning I teach arts and crafts to the kinders. It can be ridiculously stressful but I do enjoy it very much. This week we made the CUTEST bunny masks from paper plates! Above is Daniel using his bunny ears to pretend to be an elephant!

Sean and his mask!

Ms Julie, one of the Korean staff, helping the kiddos cut eyes out in their masks

This is Erin, a new student. Now we have two Erin's in kindergarten and two Daniels also.

Jun is a new student and the cutest thing you've ever seen. Is it bad to pick favorites?! :) He loves to say "OH MY GOODNESS!" and after he speaks in Korean he always says, "No speaking Korean!" No speaking Korean is a rule at BIS, but we stretch that rule a lot for these young kids, because their English skills are very minimal.


Jun again

Henry and Sean, just hangin' out

Class 1: In the back is Andy, Jenith, Jun and Daniel. In the front is Henry, Sean and Erin. Can you see how much smaller Jun? He is a good head shorter than ALL the other students! :)


Sam again

Class 2: In the back is Sam, Jamie, Angela and Iris. In the front is the other Erin, the other Daniel and Brian

Andy, another new kinder

Iris with her mask

A photo of Ms Hanna and I with the kinders from the field trip last week. We are with the witch, who was a main character in the musical we watched.

Us with the kiddos before the musical began

Another shot of us and the kids

One more!

A picture from earlier this month at Jenith, Sean and Angela's school birthday party. From left: Klein, Kristal, Ginny, Me and Hanna

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Angela being crazy...what's new??!?!?!

 A shot of my clasroom and me teaching my third graders

One of my birthday presents from Clarion, a first grader. It's a little figurine of a Korean girl eating rice, next to a kimchi pot, wearing hanbok, traditional Korean clothes. She gave it to me and said, "This would be you...if you were Korean....and you were very tiny!" Haha!

One of my birthday presents from Josh....a beautiful rug for the living room! Yay! I have been wanting a Persian rug for a while, but was having trouble finding one that I liked. This one is perfect!

Josh hard at work :)

Hope everyone is having a great week. This week was busy for Josh and I at work and celebrating my birthday. This weekend we are going to explore some new places around our house to shop for some things for the house, go into Seoul for a tasty steak birthday dinner and have some skype dates with people we miss very much! :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Field Trip

On Friday the kinderarteners had a field trip in Yatab to a musical theater. Only 11 kinders came so the trip was pretty manageable and the kids were super excited. We took shuttle busses to Yatab, which is about 20 minutes away and waited for the musical to start. Daniel was SUPER excited, as you can see above. :)

Daniel and Brian

Henry is extremely quiet and rarely speaks. But, when you bring out a camera he gets SO excited. He always makes this same face, too.

Sam, Sean, Ms Hanna and Henry (making his infamous face!)


Brian was so excited for the musical, but in the middle this witch came and the lights got dark and the poor kid freaked out and was crying. He spent the rest of the musical outside with one of the Korean staff because he was too scared to come back.

Erin waiting patiently

Sam making his creepy face

The musical stage was very sweet and the kids seemed to enjoy it. The only downfall for me was that the entire play was in Korean and I was extremely bored. Ugh!

After the musical we all ate dinner at the food court near the theater. This was my lunch of kimchi, some yummy soup that tasted a lot like miso, sweet potato and kimbop. In the black bowl is rice, mushroom, some sweet beef, seasame seeds and various veggies. The red sauce is pretty hot and you mix it in the bowl to add flavor.

My favorite work of the day (after coming back to school from the field trip I still had to teach my six elementary classes). Sally was writing about her dad and my favorite line is, "He is a little fat but he is not so far like a pig." HAHAHA!!
She also says "When he didn't be alive then I wasn't here so I think my dad is the best!" Cute!

Found this "Love Story" cafe near the school and I'm excited to try it out. Looks like a coffee and snack shop.

The field trip was a huge success and the kids had a blast, but I was so exhausted after the trip, teaching classses then tutoring before getting home. So, Josh went out with some friends and I spent the evening reading some new cookbooks I rented from the library, making a nice dinner and watching a movie in bed. The relaxation was just what I needed after a crazy busy week! :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Just wanted to add some more random photos that I've taken over the last week. A few days ago was Stella's birthday and we celebrated with cake in my social studies class. Stella is the sweetest kid and is really smart too.

Annoyed that I'm taking her picture

Embarrased when the kids were singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her

Wishing her birthday wish :)

This picture seriously cracks me up. Each term in social studies each student makes a poster about a chapter we have learned about. Claire's poster is about classroom rules and how community rules keep us all safe. The teacher is me and I am saying "Please listen to me. All eyes on me. If not I will be mad" and the children are all saying "OK".

Today was another round of arts and crafts, perhaps my favorite morning of the week. Maybe it's because it's almost Friday, or maybe because I'm doing art instead of teaching about social studies or vocabulary, but I like teaching the two art classes. Here are some pictures from today's creation of rainbows (which came after a little talk about St Patricks day, shamrocks, leprechauns and pots of gold!)




Angela and Erin

Jamie's "leprechaun face!!"

Jenith. I asked her last week where she got her American name, as I've never heard of it before. She told me her mom saw it on an American TV show and they decided they liked it. Hm..... I wonder if it was Jenny or something but it was lost in translation a bit. :)

Erin showing off her art project. Cute, huh?

Brian was so excited he didn't stop swinging his rainbow around the entire class!

Working hard

Korean clothes are pretty hilarious to me and sometimes the kids come into school wearing the most RANDOM things you've ever seen. (Side note- one of these days when Jamie wears his pants that look like he should be reciting Romeo and Juliet I'll remember to take a picture!) Iris' shirt today says "The American rock museum while drinking." Hm..... 
Iris, Henry, Daniel, Brian and Jamie showing off their projects

This is class number two- Angela, Jenith, Brian, Erin, Daniel (there are two Daniels) and Sean

Overall arts and CRAP was a success today and now the kids are running around looking for leprechauns so they can "steal all his gold pennies." :)