Thursday, March 10, 2011

Arts and Crap

I teach two classes of arts and crafts every Thursday for the kindergarteners. As many of you know the kids LOVE art, but with their accents it sounds like they say, "arts and crap." So, here are some pictures from arts and crap this week. We used marbling paint to make postcards and they turned out really neat!! Afterwards we had some extra time so we built a pizzaria with blocks and served delicious pizza to the five year old masses. :)

Neat, huh?

All the students work

The art that I made today

Brian is my little cleaner. He is always picking up paper or cleaning something. Today after art he was cleaning the tables for lunchtime! :)

Brian cleaning some more

The beginning stages of the pizzaria. The boys on the ground are building the big oven.

More working

You can see how they are pushing one block through the box. That is the piece of pizza being pushed through the pizza oven! :) Best part- the yellow block is cheese pizza and the red blocks are "red cheese" pizza!

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