Thursday, March 17, 2011


Just wanted to add some more random photos that I've taken over the last week. A few days ago was Stella's birthday and we celebrated with cake in my social studies class. Stella is the sweetest kid and is really smart too.

Annoyed that I'm taking her picture

Embarrased when the kids were singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her

Wishing her birthday wish :)

This picture seriously cracks me up. Each term in social studies each student makes a poster about a chapter we have learned about. Claire's poster is about classroom rules and how community rules keep us all safe. The teacher is me and I am saying "Please listen to me. All eyes on me. If not I will be mad" and the children are all saying "OK".

Today was another round of arts and crafts, perhaps my favorite morning of the week. Maybe it's because it's almost Friday, or maybe because I'm doing art instead of teaching about social studies or vocabulary, but I like teaching the two art classes. Here are some pictures from today's creation of rainbows (which came after a little talk about St Patricks day, shamrocks, leprechauns and pots of gold!)




Angela and Erin

Jamie's "leprechaun face!!"

Jenith. I asked her last week where she got her American name, as I've never heard of it before. She told me her mom saw it on an American TV show and they decided they liked it. Hm..... I wonder if it was Jenny or something but it was lost in translation a bit. :)

Erin showing off her art project. Cute, huh?

Brian was so excited he didn't stop swinging his rainbow around the entire class!

Working hard

Korean clothes are pretty hilarious to me and sometimes the kids come into school wearing the most RANDOM things you've ever seen. (Side note- one of these days when Jamie wears his pants that look like he should be reciting Romeo and Juliet I'll remember to take a picture!) Iris' shirt today says "The American rock museum while drinking." Hm..... 
Iris, Henry, Daniel, Brian and Jamie showing off their projects

This is class number two- Angela, Jenith, Brian, Erin, Daniel (there are two Daniels) and Sean

Overall arts and CRAP was a success today and now the kids are running around looking for leprechauns so they can "steal all his gold pennies." :)


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  1. Erin is one the cutest little girls! So darling. :)