Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Weekend

This weekend was the first since we've been here that the weather was enjoyable! :) On Saturday the sun came out, the wind died down and it was the perfect day to walk around the enjoy Pangyo. Hiking is VERY popular in Korea and many people were hiking around the neighborhood and enjoying the parks. We stopped at a little market to get some delicious strawberries, got some juices and walked around a park about two blocks from our house. I have a feeling we will be spending LOTS of time there as the weather continues to get nicer! The above picture is a Korean school (elementary, I think) that is about one block from our house.

Just about every tree we see in Seoul has these supports on it!

Josh in the park. He has an important flight coming up so we were relaxing, studying and soaking up the sun rays!

The strawberries were DELCIOUS! Before moving here I was hesitant about buying fruits and vegetables off the economy, but they are so tasty and fresh! We can buy these at the commissary (grocery store on post) but by the time they travel here from the states they are less than fresh and usually go bad very quickly. So, as time has passed we find ourselves buying more things from the markets up the road from our house. The man who owns the market was so sweet and searched through all the baskets of berries before finding us one that "didn't have even one bad one." Very sweet.

If you know Josh well then you know how much he loves to BBQ! When we moved from Alabama to Korea we weren't allowed to ship our BBQ here, so it is sitting in a storage unit collecting dust. We've gone this long without getting a new one, but we had one day of good weather and realized summer isn't summer without BBQ's!! So, we got a new one this weekend and made a delicious dinner on it that night.

Josh putting together the BBQ

All done!!

This picture turned out pretty dark, but it is of our DELICIOUS dinner. Steaks, fresh strawberries, salad and bread (the best thing you've ever had!) We watched The Social Network and Secretariat (both of which I'd recommend) and had an awesome end to the weekend!

The kindergarteners have been learning about families in social class this month. Homework over the weekend was to write about "3 things you can do to show your family that you care." This was on my desk first thing this morning (Monday) and it was a beautiful start to my week.
1. I hug mom
2. I kiss mom
3. I love mom.

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  1. Your dinner looked so amazing! Glad the BBQ worked well!!