Monday, March 21, 2011

Field Trip

On Friday the kinderarteners had a field trip in Yatab to a musical theater. Only 11 kinders came so the trip was pretty manageable and the kids were super excited. We took shuttle busses to Yatab, which is about 20 minutes away and waited for the musical to start. Daniel was SUPER excited, as you can see above. :)

Daniel and Brian

Henry is extremely quiet and rarely speaks. But, when you bring out a camera he gets SO excited. He always makes this same face, too.

Sam, Sean, Ms Hanna and Henry (making his infamous face!)


Brian was so excited for the musical, but in the middle this witch came and the lights got dark and the poor kid freaked out and was crying. He spent the rest of the musical outside with one of the Korean staff because he was too scared to come back.

Erin waiting patiently

Sam making his creepy face

The musical stage was very sweet and the kids seemed to enjoy it. The only downfall for me was that the entire play was in Korean and I was extremely bored. Ugh!

After the musical we all ate dinner at the food court near the theater. This was my lunch of kimchi, some yummy soup that tasted a lot like miso, sweet potato and kimbop. In the black bowl is rice, mushroom, some sweet beef, seasame seeds and various veggies. The red sauce is pretty hot and you mix it in the bowl to add flavor.

My favorite work of the day (after coming back to school from the field trip I still had to teach my six elementary classes). Sally was writing about her dad and my favorite line is, "He is a little fat but he is not so far like a pig." HAHAHA!!
She also says "When he didn't be alive then I wasn't here so I think my dad is the best!" Cute!

Found this "Love Story" cafe near the school and I'm excited to try it out. Looks like a coffee and snack shop.

The field trip was a huge success and the kids had a blast, but I was so exhausted after the trip, teaching classses then tutoring before getting home. So, Josh went out with some friends and I spent the evening reading some new cookbooks I rented from the library, making a nice dinner and watching a movie in bed. The relaxation was just what I needed after a crazy busy week! :)

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