Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Heading home with Cooper

Because of my c-section we were in the hospital for four long days. We were so ready to head home, especially after my mom arrived. We had been in our house less than a week before I went into labor, so there were still lots of boxes in the house but the kitchen was unpacked and the nursery was all ready for Cooper. The first week my mom was there we stayed home mostly, as I was feeling pretty crummy and recovering. Also, Cooper was diagnosed with jaundice and had to stay at home under some fancy lights to get his billiruben levels down. Thankfully, the second week Cooper's jaundice went away and I was feeling much better. We were able to get out for some meals, walk a little around the neighborhood, walk around the mall and take Cooper to the pumpkin patch. We also had some friends over for dinner.
Here are some pictures of Cooper's first weeks at home.

Arriving at home from the hospital

Welcome Home Baby Cooper!

I love this picture and how peaceful and milk drunk sweet baby is. The best part? Right before this I was changing his diaper and he peed all over me. That didn't take long! Ha!

Cooper's first doctors appointment

This is the jaundice bed that Coop was in for about four days. After a little while he seemed to like the bed and slept well in it. The base was gel so I bet it was comfy. The worst part of the jaundice ordeal was that every day, for four days, we had to go to the doctor and get his blood drawn to see if his billiruben levels had gone down. When his last blood test came back that his levels were low we were so happy! No more pricks in his tiny little heels!

Our little pumpkin!

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