Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Yes, Jesus can see if you don't use soap"

The kinders and I love our art time together every week. While I wish I had this time to prepare for my other classes, or just sit down and relax, I do love this time with the kiddos. No stress, no lesson plans or chapters to get complete in a certain timeline. We just listen to our music (current favorites are Jack Johnson, the High School Musical Soundtrack and the Lion King soundtrack), talk to each other (well, as much conversation as you can have with 6 year olds. "Yes, I do love high school musical. Do you?" "Please stop picking your nose. I've asked you three times already." "Yes, you may go potty. Again." "Did you wash your hands? Something tells me you did not. Go back. Use soap." "Yes, Jesus DOES see if you don't use soap." "Stop trying to drink my coffee. You will be that tall forever if you take even one sip!" Haha!)

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