Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Everland Trip

Us at Everland

Josh testing his strength against the monkey

A few weekends ago we went to Everland with two of our friends, Troy and Alicia. After driving to post, catching a taxi to the closest subway station, getting on the subway, changing lines once, and then taking a bus to Everland and finally taking a shuttle bus from the parking lot to the actual park we were exhausted before the day even began!
Everland is an amusement park that is about an hour outside of Seoul. Everland is a smaller version of Disneyland with lots of rides, a huge zoo area with lots  of money exhibits as well as a waterpark area called Caribbean Bay, that we wil visit another time when the weather is warmer. The world’s largest roller coaster is here also. We weren’t able to get on it, as the lines for rides were ridiculous. Our five hour Everland adventure only got us on three rides, one of which being the bumper cars. But, it’s Asia and after a while you just expect and accept that everything will always be overcrowded. There is also a large safari tour bus, but we weren’t able to get on that either. But, we had a fun time exploring, taking pictures and talking to tons of kids. I think it was some sort of Boy Scout and Girl Scout event because children in their uniforms were running around everywhere. The bold ones will come up to you and want to speak English to you, but most just stare. Haha! One sweet little boy stared at us for about 5 minutes in line and then finally just said, “Nice to meet you!” and ran away.
At the end of our day, we got back on the shuttle bus, caught the city bus, got to the subway station, rode the subway, changed lines, rode the subway some more, caught a taxi to post, got our car and drove home. Needless to say we slept like rocks that night. Sidenote- this was quite possibly the scariest cab ride we have ever been on since arriving in Korea. Cabs are notorious for running red lights, cutting people off, driving too fast and basically having no regard for anyone else on the road including bicyclists, pedestrians and people on motorcycles, but this driver was INSANE. What is also scary is that most cabs have televisions inside, so drivers will watch television while driving around Seoul. Yikes!
Here are some pictures of our fun day.Enjoy!

The monkey exhibits were really neat. There are about 145 total monkeys at Everland.

This baby monkey was just about 2 months old

This is the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world!

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