Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Children's Day

May 5 is Children's Day in Korea and it's a highly celebrated holiday. Children's Day mens a much needed day off work for me (yay!) and lots of fun activities for the kids who work SO hard all the time. This Sunday was Parents Day ( a combination of Mothers and Fathers Day) and today is Buddha's Birthday. So, this lucky girl had Thursday, Monday and Tuesday off work-yay!
The day before Children's Day the school had a fun Childrens Festival at a nearby park for all of our kinders. We played games, had races, ate pizza and painted faces. It was warm and a perfect day for an outdoor festival. Here are some pictures from the day!

Sweet Jun

Erin being silly

Andy is always making this face, dancing, or a combination of both

Sweet, sweet Erin

Getting ready for the relay race. The kids had to walk with an egg in a spoon, put the egg in a bowl, eat a cookie off a plate without using their hands, then run back.

Getting their legs tied together for the three legged race. Love Angela's face in this one- it's her signature look!

Angela- you have to love how appropriately dressed she is for outdoor play in her princess dress!

Angela again

Angela and Sara, in their fancy dresses

Daniel getting his cookie off the plate. Haha!



Sara, very unahppy about ths whole activity. Haha!


Jamie, Sam, Sean and Daniel at the park

Erin at the faux Easter Egg Hunt

Andy and Henry, cousins

Jun was saying "rock a bye baby Teacher" and this is what he meant. He wanted me to lift him up so he could look for Easter Eggs easily. :)

This is the face Andy makes a lot when I talk to him. :)

Daniel and his Charlie Chaplin face paint

Brian, not too excited about his face paint

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