Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our one year anniversary!

. Last Sunday was our first anniversary and we celebrated by going to Seoul Tower, which is named as the most romantic spot in Seoul. The view is amazing and the food even better. We ate at a restaurant at the top of the tower that was revolving. It reminded us a lot of the Space Needle in Seattle. (The website says the tower rotates fully in 120 minutes, which is perfect because that is how long the reservations are for!) Here are some pictures from the night!

Before heading out to dinner

On our patio before leaving

A picture of the Seoul Tower

On the top of Seoul Tower there are these trees and a huge wall that are lined with locks and messages. Couples go here and "lock away thier love!" You write a message on your lock, attach it to the trees, and then you go to a place on the other side of the tower and throw your key off the tower! We did this after we ate dinner.

One of the many trees filled with locks! Most are written in Korean, but we found some in English, too!

Our dinners were AMAZING! There was a total of six course and this was the first.

Pumpkin soup was so delicious!

Leah's main course.

Josh's main course.

Leah at dinner.

At the tower couples can also make these little plaques, but the place was closed when we were there. We will go back there sometime and make one for sure. There were lots of things to do there other than the fancy restaurants. There were tons of hikers walking around, because hiking up that hill is quite the work out. There are a few smaller resturants as well as a Coldstone Creamery and nice gift shops. They also have a teddy bear museum. (Creepy?!)

An up close view of the locks.

Koreans LOVE the Simpsons!

Here is our lock. We added Josh's BlackHawk keychain!

The backside of the lock with our anniversary date.

Josh looking for a good place to put the lock on the tree after we ate dinner.

There it is! :)

Getting ready to throw the key off the edge of the tower!

There it goes! Now, our love is locked up there forever! :)

If you go to this website http://www.nseoultower.co.kr/ you can see the view from the top of the tower! Just click on ENGLISH in the far right corner and the website will show you what you can do at the tower and a view from the top!

A view of the tower at night!

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