Monday, April 4, 2011

"Don't hunt it!"

I have been studying "The Magic Finger" with my third graders. It's a story about a little girl and her neighbors, who love to hunt. The little girl has a magic finger and when she gets angry she can point her finger at people and cause terrible things to happen. She gets angry at the neighbors for hunting so much and when she points her finger at them they become DUCKS! They have to live in a nest they build in a tree and it's pretty funny. The kids loved it!

As one of the activities we set up a debate and the kids had to discuss if they thought hunting was bad or good. Their essays and debates were TOO FUNNY to not share! Enjoy!

" Hunting is bad. I think it's bad because you hurt many animals and then the animals die so the ecosystem will be wrong, and I hate when things are wrong."

"The animals family can be sad if you hunt one family of theirs."

"Hunting is bad because the sound of the gun can make people sad and can make kids scared."

"When we hunt the animals can go extinct."

"If I hunt animals they could get angry and attack me so it is very dangerous."

'Hunting is bad because when you hunt animals they are poor." (Still not too sure how this one works! HAHA)

"Because I could just eat vegetables instead."
To this I say, "So, you want to be a vegetarian?"
Jenny: "No, I want to be a doctor when I grow up!" HAHA!

" I go to the church, and they say to not kill, so killing animals is probably bad."

"When we kill many of the animals then there will not be any animals to watch at the zoo. Plus, animals are people's friends."

"Because, when I see an animal die I will cry and worry about that animal. You should agree with me because it is bad to kill things and when we make something die the earth will just be sand and grass and nothing else."

"Don't hunt it!!!" HAHAHA!!!

Of course, no children wanted to say that hunting was good, as they all want to be the same. But, I thought these were pretty hilarious and a good start to debate and persusasive writing!

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  1. Ok my two favorites.....

    "If I hunt anulas they could get angry and attack me. So its very dangerous."

    "Dont hunt it."

    Bahaha Im seriously in love with these kiddos. They're hilarious. :)