Monday, April 11, 2011

"You're waiting for the cash right?"

My second graders and I have been reading Junie B Jones Toothless Wonder, a book about a little girl who is unhappy that her front tooth is loose. She is worried about what will happen to her tooth after the Tooth Fairy takes her tooth. So, over the past month we've been doing various activites about this book that included finding letters from the Tooth Fairy (courtesy of Ms Leah's loopy handwriting) and lots of writing activities and games. The kiddos wrote their very own Tooth Fairy adventure stories and they were impressive and pretty hilarious.

Candy is a pretty funny writer. Someone almost always dies in the end of her stories, and she likes to use big and exciting words. Here is a Tooth Fairy adventure courtesy of Candy.

One night, at 12 o clock, Harry was not sleeping because he had a loose tooth. He was scared because Harry was going to pull his tooth out onto his pillow so the tooth fairy would come. Harry thinked (thought) that the tooth fairy was mean, real mean. One hour later, the tooth fairy came. Harry was not asleep. So the tooth fairy said, "Why are you not asleep? You're waiting for the cash, right? I don't give cash to children who are not asleep. Your tooth will be in your mouth forever!" Harry said "Oh no!" But the tooth fairy was gone. And one year later Harry died. This story is fiction.


Eddie also wrote a story that was pretty note-worthy. His imagination is pretty amazing for being in the second grade!!

The tooth fairy stole me from my bed. One night I was ready to sleep and the toothfairy came and took me from my bed and took me to the desert. I can't believe my eyes! The rabbit is living in the desert. The rabbit made my tooth come out and the tooth fairy gave me money. I can buy water with this rabbit money. I walked and walked until I reach the bed and there was a lion talking to me and said " KOREA IS TO THE LEFT!" I walked again and again. There was a big sand hill and the tooth fairy gave me a golden totoh. Then the golden tooth turned into a rope and I could reach really high. I closed my eyes then opened them and I was back in my bed. It was a dream and my tooth was blooding (bleeding). My tooth fell out in my dream!


Elly, our resident comedian, is always making the class laugh. Last week I came into class after going to the restroom and she was teaching the class where babies come from, complete with pictures on the white board. Oops! But, she does have a pretty great imagination and writes some pretty funny stories. Here is the most recent one:

The tooth fairy gives money to children when they put a tooth down on a pillow. But, I don't know why the tooth fairy takes the tooth and gives money. Tooth fairy is nice to give money. I want her to write me a letter. I think she will give lots of money for my tooth because I have no cavities. Tooth fairy is nice. I will save money in a bank because bank is a safe place to keep my money. (We learned this last week in social class!) When I eat something there is not hurt on my teeth. But when I brush my teeth my teeth start to hurt. So, I go to the dentist and made the nurse tired because I cried and yelled a little. So my mom says "Go fast. We have to go to BIS." (That's our school)


Candy and Elly together

More writing genuis from Candy:

Mom says the tooth fairy uses teeth for jewlery but that is nonsense. And, tooth don't have a big hole. I know that because I already lost a tooth. When I lost my tooth I don't go to the dentist, my grandpa just took it out! When I go to the dentist it is OUCHIE. But when my grandpa just take it out it is not OUCH.
I think my grandpa can have a dentist store. But my grandpa is too old. He is like 112 years old. But, he could still do it. He is not spooky so kids would like him.

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