Monday, April 11, 2011

I learned rules like don't steal Ms Leah's pencils. She doesn't like that.

Lately I've noticed that my students will understand something in class, but one day or one week later they have NO idea what we learned. (I think every teacher finds this sometimes, huh?!) It's especially hard with students who are learning in a second language and are learning SO much between Korean school and English school. So, we've been working on writing the things that we've learned as a way to remember and refresh ourselves with information. I expected this to be helpful for the kids, but it's really just been hilarious. They remember the most random things. Sometimes, they remember things that I don't even remember! Haha! Mostly, they remembered things that had NOTHING to do with textbooks and mostly about the world beyond the classroom doors. I'm ok with that. :)
Here are some of the best ones:

Annie: I made a poster about a mayor who likes his community. He serves people.

Jamie: I learned that the iceberg on the Titanic was bigger than my school and that Ms Leah was not alive during the Titanic. Police are government services.
Clarion: I learned that Ms Leah is smart enough to read chapter books. HAHAH!!!!

Joshua: Some bugs are really ugly.
Kevin: Smokey Bear did not burn the forest down because he's just a bear cub. Fire safety means no matches for kids. A fast bug is a safe bug.
Judy: Bugs need to hide so they don't get killed.
Daniel: I learn English and rules like don't steal Ms Leah's pencils. She doesn't like that. :)
Brian: Smokey Bear was in the news then lived in Washington D.C.

Jamie: I can prevent forest fires. Family rules are nice. Butterflies have pretty wings.
Iris: Sharing is good, families love each other, bugs are ugly, laws make sure I don't die.

Sarah: Ms leah is very happy. :)
Angela: Leah is good at stories and spelling. Ms Leah studies too. Ms Leah helps with writing and helps a lot. Ms Leah helps everybody. MS LEAH IS CRAZY! :)

Erin: Trains, boats, bicycles, peoples legs, airplanes and trucks. (We just learned about transportation.)
??: American Indians did not go to the store. They had to make things like foods and clothes.There were no stores then.
??: Ms Leah says we have to put trash in the trash can.
Candy: Chinese New Year has customs. I need to be a good citizen.
Rose: A volunteer works for people but doesn't get money. Why would you do that?
Eddie: I learned about heroes and holidays. Some words are easy and some words are hard. I think social is good. I have many information. Ms Leah is like a dictionary because she knows many words. I learned lots that I can't even remember.
Chloe: An immigrant comes from another place to live somewhere. Like how Ms Leah comes from Alabama to be in Korea. Ms Leah is an immigrant.  I learned that social is cool to do.
Esther: I will save money to buy a car and apple. :)

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  1. ha ha ha ha I love the "don't steal pencils" one! I get so frustrated with pencils in my room. I sharpen 30 everyday and I always have kids complaining about not having any pencils!