Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby Brown Photos

I am now 16 weeks pregnant! Tomorrow I have another doctors appointment and we should find out baby's gender in 2-3 weeks. We are both so excited to know the gender. I'm excited to start buying baby clothes and planning a nursery as well. I've been feeling good and, for the most part, the morning sickness has subsided. I still feel nausious at times, but not nearly as often.
We've been taking some photos and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post them. Our lives sure get busy quickly around here. Here are the photos we have so far. My belly is growing a bit, but I feel that in the last 2 weeks or so it's stayed the same size. I am sure that soon I will really start showing a "baby belly" and not just look like I had a big lunch! :)

9 weeks pregnant- on my birthday

Josh's first baby purchase- sweet baby socks

11 weeks pregnant - on my way to a party with friends. It was so hard to not tell anyone I was pregnant, as almost all of the women there were moms and good friends!

On my way to Josh and my anniversary dinner on April 10. This morning we had an ultrasound and heard baby's heartbeat for the first time. What an amazing moment. It was truly one I'll remember forever. Seeing baby do a sumersault and hear the heartbeat was so wonderful. We celebrated our second anniversaryt that night at a delicious restaurant in Jeonga, South Kore!

14 weeks pregnant

14 weeks pregnant- on our way to a birthday party

15 weeks- going to the Army Aviation Birthday Ball in Seoul

15 weeks pregnant- Celebrating Stephanies birthday

15.5 weeks pregnant


  1. Awe, such a proud daddy! Cant wait to see picture of him holding your little bundle. :) Love you and miss you lots!!!

  2. Congratulations! Can't wait to hear who we get, boy or girl Baby Brown! Exciting times! Love you all, Helen