Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Josh and I have been been great. Josh continues to work all the time, but thankfully enjoys his job. The weather in Seoul has been hot and the humidity will appear soon (yuck!) We've been busy doing fun activities with friend and enjoying the last months we have as just a family of 2. I've been feeling great and we both feel so blessed that this pregnancy, thus far, has been problem-free.
Next Tuesday (the 29th) we are heading to a Korean clinic to find out if baby is a boy or girl. The Army clinic scheduled baby's fetal growth scan and gender ultrasound for mid-June (I would be almost 21 weeks then) but the Korean clinic will tell you baby's gender as early as 15 weeks for just 70,000won (about $65 US dollars.) When we have the appointment I will be 18.5 weeks along and the doctors said there should be no problems in seeing baby's gender. Let's just hope baby's not shy and we can see boy or girl parts! We are both so anxious and excited and I am sure it will bring us to another exciting part of pregnancy! I am so excited to start shopping for nursery decor and sweet little baby clothes once we know babys sex.
Here are the photos we've taken over the last few weeks:

16 weeks pregnant- Happy Mothers Day

17 weeks pregnant- that belly is growing!

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