Friday, December 16, 2011

Favorite Holiday Clips

We have been watching lots of holiday videos lately. We have a good bunch of them and they are on constant rotation at the Brown's. Yes, we love all things Christmas!

This is my new favorite holiday video. Preschool and kindergarten kids are interviewed about the true meaning of Christmas. Their answers are so precious, and pretty hilarious also. Enjoy their pure cuteness in remembering the reason for the season! 


And, Christmas isn't complete without Charlie Brown Christmas. Those who know me well will know that this is my favorite part of the movie. In fact, I use some of these quotes on a regular basis (just ask my husband!)
"All I want is what I have coming to me. All I want is want is my fair share!"


Finally, what Christmas is Christmas without watching copious amounts of "Elf?" 


Merry Christmas!!


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