Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

The Christmas season always passes so quickly. I can't  believe that it is 2012 already! We had a wonderful Christmas this year and enjoyed our second holiday season in Korea. How time flies! 
The week before Christmas we were involved in a orphanage event with the people that Josh works with. We went bowling with the kids, ate pizza, and each family gave presents to a child (all the kids were 13.) Josh shopped for the boy and found soccer shin guards, some yummy treats and a Nerf basketball hoop. I shopped for the girl and found some cute winter sweaters, gloves and hats along with some art supplies. It was a fun day! We were also able to show the kids around the post where Josh works and let them climb around inside the helicopters and take pictures! Overall a really fun day!
We hosted Christmas dinner at our house and it was a great time. Josh cooked a delicious prime rib dinner and we had many yummy sides too. I wish I would have remembered to take pictures, as we had SO much food. We had a white elephant gift exchange and played some other games too. How great to spend Christmas with friends when you are so far away from your family. 
We also hosted New Years Eve at our house this year. (One thing I love about our house is the big kitchen and living room- they are perfect for entertaining!) We took our friends to our favorite restaurant near our house and then played games at our house afterwards. New Years was pretty low key for us this year and very fun! 
Here are some photos from the holiday season in Korea:

Decorating Christmas cookies. We turned the gingerbread man upside down to make reindeer!

Decorating Christmas cookies with Soo and Stephanie

Christmas Eve

The entry way to our house on Christmas Eve

Date night at the COEX Mall for dinner and the casino

Cute cake on Christmas

Out and's getting COLD 

Opening presents on Christmas morning

Christmas morning

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