Monday, June 13, 2011

Flat Stanley Part 2

The second graders and I have been working hard on our Flat Stanley project lately. People have been so generous in taking pictures all over the US and getting them back to me. We have more and more pictures coming in every day, and the kids LOVE it! Here are some of the recent photos, and some new ones of the kids also. We got a huge US map and are displaying the pictures in the classroom. Here are the shots of it, even though it's not all the way done yet.

Flat Elly with the Sequim cheerleaders at the Irrigation Festival Parade

Flat Eddie in DisneyLand

Flat Elly riding a horse in Sequim

Flat Elly at the Irrigation Festival Parade

Irrigation Festival Parade

Flat Elly is a Clallam County firefighter :)

Flat Elly with Jessica and Daniel's new baby girl, Olivia

Baby Olivia and Flat Elly

Flat Eddie with a class in Washington

Elly loves the Irrigation Festival

Flat Eddie with his class again

Elly has developed a little love for Jessica and baby Olivia. Every time she comes to class she comes with a new letter to mail them :)

Flat Eddie teaching a university class in CA

Flat Elly 

Flat Candy with baby Owen in Oregon

Flat Candy with Erin and Kristen in Oregon 


Eddie at the Golden Gate Bridge


San Francisco


Eddie in CA

Elly at the pool in Utah

Flat Eddie with Brittney in DC

Eddie loved this picture and learning about how and where US money is made!

All of our pictures are arranged based on where in the US they come from. Here are photos from California

Here is the class with all the photos. I printed off two copies of each photo, so they were able to take pictures home to keep. 

The start of the map. We printed off little Flat Stanely's to show more exact locations within the states.

Lots of pictures from Washington!

Flat Elly in Washington

Flat Candy in Oregon



A shot of the board, although since I took this picture we have added quite a few pictures as well as some string to show which pictures come from which state.

Chloe in Spokane, WA

Virginia and Washington DC from Brittney and Jamie

Flat Elly in Utah with Jessica and baby Olivia

The kids love this picture of Flat Candy and baby Owen

Flat Elly

Elly with her favorite photos taken in Utah

Lucy with her favorite photo

Eddie with his favorite photo


  1. If Flat Stanley ever wants to see some of Europe then we will be more than happy to host him in Ireland! What a great learning tool for the kids!

  2. Your little kids are so lucky to have you for a teacher! Very cool project!! Helen