Monday, June 13, 2011

Jupiter Class

Our kindergarten classes are divided by level and are called Jupiter, Universe, Earth and Mercury. In Jupiter there are three kids, Jenith, Sean and Daniel. They are hilarious, so say the least. 9 times out of 10 they aren't listening at all and are running around like wild animals, but they are really fun!
Today we had an exciting event because over the weekend Daniel GOT A PERM! Yep!! Lots of the kinder girls have gotten perms lately, but Daniel is the first boy. He thinks he looks fabulous, which is great. He is not lacking in self confidence, that's for sure!

Jupiter tend to be VERY crazy! So, we start our class with yoga and meditation. Sean was not happy about this this morning, as you can see by his face ;)

Daniel sporting his fancy new perm

Sean annoyed during meditation :)

Sean and Jenith

Silly boy

Daniel- missing 3 teeth and sporting a fabulous new perm :)


Sean again LOL

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