Monday, June 20, 2011

Han River Cruise

This weekend we went on a Han River night cruise with two of our friends from Fort Rucker, Pieter and Melissa. It's funny how Alabama wasn't home for very long, but having friends here that we were friends with there really helps Korea feel like home too.
Before meeting up with Pieter and Melissa Josh and I went out to dinner together, which was very fun. We have both been so busy with work lately that having a date night was so wonderful.  We decided it would be better to use public transportation instead of driving so we took the bus from our house to Sunae, where I work. That is where we had dinner.
Then we hopped on the subway and two transfers and about 40 minutes later we were in Jamsil, ready to meet up with Pieter and Melissa. After we met up with them we walked about 15 minutes to the river cruise location. I was surprised at how nice it was, to be honest. There were lots of families digging in the sand, having picnics and just spending time together in the warm weather. There was also a fairly large beach volleyball tournament going.

We went to go buy our tickets, but learned that the tour we wanted was sold out and that we had to wait an hour for the next one. So, we bought some drinks and went back to the beach volleyball area. We were on the outskirts watching, thinking that we needed tickets to sit down. After a few minutes a security man walked toward us, and we thought we were getting kicked out! But, he said, "SIT, SIT!" and walked us to the bleachers, where we sat and watched for a while! Random, but very fun!

The volleyball tournament even had cheerleaders! Weird!

After an hour we headed back to the boat and started our Han River cruise. It lasted about an hour and was really beautiful to see all the city lights. Josh flies over this area a lot, so to him the view wasn't as good as the view from the helicopter, but I enjoyed it a lot. The Han River is not a long river, but it's fairly wide, considering it runs throught the third largest city in the world! The river runs about 319 miles in length.

File:Rainbow fountain Seoul.JPG
Isn't this beautiful? This is Banpo bridge. We were hoping our little river crusie would take us by this bridge, but we didn't travel this far down the river. At night lights light up the water and it's really pretty to see when you are driving across the bridge. Melissa told us that online she read the bridges are powered by solar engery and that each bridge costs about 35,000won per day to operate. That is only about $32 US dollars!

Us on the river cruise

Pieter and Melissa

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