Sunday, June 17, 2012

20 week ultrasound

Hi everyone! This morning was baby Browns 20 week ultrasound. When I checked into the appointment the nurse suggested I go eat something, in hopes that baby would be extra active. I had some orange juice and a yummy breakfast sandwich. They worked! Baby was really active and we got some great photos! Baby happily showed off his boy parts just like last time. Do we have an exhibitionist on our hands?! Ha! He also had his hand up by his face a lot, so it looked like he was waving.
Little man is currently 13 ounces- still so small! The ultrasound technician said that she took about 70 (wow!) pictures to show the doctor. We also got about 8 pictures to bring home. Because little man was so active we got some greatpictures. We were excited to get some great profile shots. At this point I think that little man looks a lot like his Daddy! The ultrasound technician zoomed in on baby's nose and lips and from those pictures you can really see their similiarities. We have another appointment in one month with the doctor to review the ultrasound photos and check on baby and my progress. Here are some pictures from today:

Here is our sweet little baby at 20 weeks. His hand is up by his face, almost like he is waving. Cute profile, huh?!

Here's another profile shot

Cute little foot. The ultrasound technician measured his foot and said from toe to heel it was exactly one inch long.

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