Sunday, June 17, 2012

21 weeks

21 week photos

Can't remember what was said but, for the record, my husband is seriously hilarious

Baby's growing and so is Mommy! My baby belly has definitely done some growing this week! Baby is kicking all the time, often times hard enough for Josh to feel. Best. Feeling. Ever.

This week we went to Caribbean Bay, a water park here in Seoul. Josh had fun riding the slides with his friends and I spent most of my day floating down the large lazy river. It was heaven! The weather wasn't too hot, which was a nice change. The humidity here has been high and being pregnant means I always feel hot anyways. Yuck! Overall it was a great day!

Today is Father's Day in Korea. Josh celebrated with a new video game and a nice lazy day at home. Tonight I'm making his favorite dinner. How exciting to think about how different and wonderful our lives will be next year on Father's Day. Josh will be a fantastic doubt about it!

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