Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day was great this year! I had lots of fun with my kids at school and Josh surprised me at work with flowers. It was so sweet and such a great surprise, as I know how busy he is during the days.
Beautiful flowers!

After I was off work we went to the most amazing restaurant for dinner. One of Josh's co workers Sam had recommended it to Josh and it was delicious. First we got some yummy bruschetta as an appetizer.
Super delicious!

Josh with his carbonara pasta

My spinach pasta was amazing, but also very rich.
Every teacher has to have at least one teacher sweater. I bought this one when I was student teaching. This was my third year wearing my silly Valentines sweater. But, I was feeling like a real dork wearing it at a fancy restaurant! :)

After dinner Josh took me to a chocolatier! It was a small little shop in Jeonga and we had fun choosing the ones that we wanted.

Our box of chocolates and the paper flower that Josh made for me :)


Silly Valentines from Ms Leah to the teachers I work with- haha!

In other Brown family news I have 7 or 10 days left of work (my boss is freakishly unorganized and doesn't know when my last day will be yet), we joined a Korean gym (yay for getting in shape and working out together) and we are busy planning our anniversary vacation in April. The weather is warming up a bit (high 20's, low 30's) and we are anxiously awaiting information about where our next Army move will take us. Stay tuned!

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