Monday, February 13, 2012

Tomorrow is Valentines Day! Wow, it feels like just last week was Christmas. The weather here is getting a bit warmer and school is winding down. (It feels so strange to have the end of the school year in February!) 
This past weekend we had a blast. We have found such a great group of friends that we value so much. We celebrated Antonio's birthday with the "First Annual Ultimate Dart Championship" and also had Joe and Stephanie over for a yummy dinner and some Rock Band...way fun! We will definitely be doing that again soon! :) 

Last weekend while we were all out to dinner we decided that we should play darts the next weekend.
Myriam is going to school for graphic design and made this awesome poster for the dart championship!
Joe X is Joe and JCK is James. Pangyo- Unjung Dong is our neighborhood here in Korea. 

We had a bracket for the dart championship and were betting money. When it got down to the final 4 players the spectators (aka people bad at darts who got out in the first rounds) were betting money on their "favorite player." 
Stephanie and I wanted to make a fun present for Antonio and I found these fun ideas on Pinterest (aka my favorite website!)

I like this one but thought it was just a bit boring

I thought that this one was a little too feminine

This one was my favorite but I decided to change it  up just a little bit. 

This was the final product for Antonio's birthday. I was really happy with how it turned out!

Overall it was a great weekend with great company. We are getting excited for Valentines Day, and celebrating Josh's birthday 3 weeks later. Hope you all are having a great February!


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