Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello February!

Hello, February! January just seemed to whiz by and now I can't believe that it's gone! Josh worked a lot, just like always. January was a rough month for me at work and I'm glad to say that it's over. The kids had a break from their Korean elementary schools. So, hagwons (private schools like mine) take advantage of this and teach the children MORE classes. This basically means that we were all teaching extra classes, writing extra report cards, doing extra planning and getting close to no breaks during the day. Stressful! This was my third round of these "intensive" classes and I am happy that it's my last.

We've been having some fun weekends out with friends and have been enjoying new restaurants and bars that we've come across. Our favorite bar these days has shuffleboard which is always fun. We are feeling so blessed about having a great group of friends to spend our time with.

This week has been FREEZING! Today is the first day that has been above freezing and it feels a little warm. That's sad! 

At the end of February I will be done teaching at BIS. I am sure it will be bittersweet, as I know I'll miss the sweet kids and my wonderful co-workers. But, I am so happy to have time off and start some new hobbies. I've signed up for a Zumba class, have some projects around the house I want to do and will be working on new recipes. I'm hoping to get some tutoring jobs during the day to keep me busy and make some extra cash, too. And, I know that Josh will be happy to have dinner on the table before 8pm and a clean house.

Here are some random BIS photos from this month:
Sean and I on our field trip. We went to a children's art and science museum. It was really neat. We made cookies, listened to lots of stories (including a traditional Korean story complete with drums), did some art and finished the day on a huge indoor playground. The kids had a blast. The drive back to school was only 10 minutes and every kid on my shuttle bus fell asleep listening to some Jack Johnson on my phone. Peaceful!

These are the boys I taught for intensives aka the extra classes in January. They are in grade 1 and super loveable. 

Art time with kindergarten. This is something I know I will miss when I'm not at BIS anymore. For two hours every week we work on projects, eat snacks, listen to music and just hang out. It's such a nice break from the regular classroom work. 

We have a new friend in kindergarten. His name is Brian is he is so small. I actually think he might be a year younger than the other kiddos. Anyways, he is so precious and loveable. He started crying in art class and I couldn't figure out why, as he had been acting just fine right before. It turns out our sweet little friend doesn't know how to use scissors yet. "Ms fingers don't know how to cut yet." Precious. Here we are working on the ever difficult cutting paper techniques. :)

Clara is so precious and I just love her. She's adorable and so funny. Last week she brought all the teachers new hairbows so we could be cute like her! 

Steve is the best. I love that his name is Steve and I love his silly little face too!

Here is Brian!

Birthday party time!

I love this photo of Daniel, Dorothy and Iris. (Daniel and Iris are twins.) This picture really describes all their little personalities. Daniel always looks uninterested and just "too cool for school." Dorothy is always making some "I know I'm cute" face and Iris looks perpetually surprised and crazy. Their birthday was very fun! 
Well, that's all for now. I hope you are all having a wonderful February so far. Lots of love!

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