Thursday, July 14, 2011

Art Museum Field Trip

Today was kindergarten field trip. I was looking forward to this trip, but just not this week. I've been working on substitute plans for when Josh and I visit the states, term test preparation, report cards, planning for intensives (we teach extra classes for one month because the kids are on summer break from Korean school) and having a field trip was the last thing I wanted to do today.
But, despite all the stress and things I needed to get done at school the kids and I had an AWESOME time! This field trip was WAY more fun than the wild flower farm (aka field in the middle of nowhere with maybe 3 total flowers). Today was very rainy (Hello, monsoon season!) and it was fun to have a fun field trip inside. Here are photo highlights of our morning at the Sungnam Art Center.

Sean and Sam


The newspaper and cable TV were there filming and interviewing kids so this camera man followed around basically the whole day. The kids were SO excited and pretty animated when being interviewed!

Ms Leah is the Mona Lisa!

There was a really interesting exhibit about the similarities between the face of the Mona Lisa and the face of Jesus at the art center.

This was part of the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit. He looks a bit creepy, right?!

The Lady with the Pearl Earing

I'm the Lady with the Pearl Earing! :)

Fun play area

Sarah is the Mona Lisa!

Jun is the Mona Lisa




Sean: "Look Ms Leah, I'm a grandfather!"

Jun and Ms Leah

Brian and Ms Leah

Lunch time

Jun with his pink learner chopsticks. The chopsticks are stuck together and have handles for where your fingers should go to teach you how to correctly use chopsticks. He LOVES his pink chopsticks!

Alex loves to take pictures, especially on the iPhone. So, Hanna gave Alex her phone and this is what we got. Not bad :)

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