Monday, July 4, 2011

Monson Season is Here

Korea's rainy season is usually from early June to late July. The south is the first to receive the monsoon which then slowly travels north. There is some rainfall during the retreating of the monsoon in September. Most part of the country receives more than 100 centimeters of rainfall every year!
Humidity is between 80% and 90% during the summer months here as well.
Overall, the weather here is pretty nasty these days. If it's not DOWNPOURING its extremely hot and humid (it's been between 85 and 90 degrees the past week or so). The humidity is so strong that you can see it in the air on certain days. Thank goodness we lived in Alabama last summer and are a bit accustomed to the humidity.
Yesterday Josh and I were in Yongsan grocery shopping on post and were caught in  HUGE rains! Many of the roads on post were being shut down because of rain and flooding. We were not here during monsoon season last year but have seen photos and heard stories about how intense the flooding was. Many parts of post flooded and cars were floating in puddles of water! Crazy! Thankfully we waited out the storm and when we drove home the rain subsided a bit. We spend the rest of the day relaxing, cleaning the house and playing Monopoly as the rain fell hard outside. Perfect.

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