Monday, July 11, 2011

Korean Cooking Class

This weekend I took a Korean cooking class at Food and Culture Korea with many other wives from Josh's post. It was a really fun experience! Also, it was so nice to meet many new spouses. I work so much that I often miss events, meetings and fun outings that the Army plans, so I was really glad I could go to this one. We are talking about planning an event every month as well- love this idea!

At the class I made bulgogi, which is a Korean dish that has marinated beef and veggies. When you translate bulgogi to English it literally means "fire meat", which refers to how it is cooked over an open flame, not the spiciness of the meat.
Here are some pictures of the day:

Finished product- my bulgogi!

The whole group after cooking our yummy lunches

My cooking class certificate!

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