Monday, February 7, 2011

The '96

People around here either drive extremely nice vehicles or total pieces of crap. We liked the idea of the latter better, considering we live in a country where people drive bumper cars better than they drive on the freeway. So, we got the '96. We are the proud owners of a 1996 Hyundai Sonata. It has leather seats, a cassette player (LOL) and automatic windows, so we are happy. Josh drives to and from work every day (about 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic) and it has been great. We have bets going to see how long it will last before we have to get another one. We've heard other military families talk about having to buy a new junker every year that they are in Korea.
What we love most about the '96, as we lovingly refer to it as, is how it stands out like a sore thumb at our place. Our parking garage is full of brand new Audi's, BMW's and nice (but tiny, because we are in Korea after all) SUV's and then our little old car. Fabulous.

Josh in our parking garage

The '96!!!

Just cruisin'

Every once in a while Josh and I leave the house at the same time, so I will have him drop me off at the bus stop on his way to work. It has been great especially with the cold weather we've been having! Here he is driving off to work. :)

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