Monday, February 7, 2011

Korean Folk Village

This last weekend we explored a Korean folk village with some friends and had a blast. It was so neat to see traditional Korean homes and artifacts. It is crazy how every day Korea feels more and more like home and it was nice to learn about how things used to be in this crazy place we call home. We had a traditional Lunar New Year meal of tteokguk which is a soup made up of rice cake slices and topped with marinated ground beef and eggs. Mine had dumplings in it too and was yummy! We also tried makgeolli which is "the liquor of the common people" because it is made with fermented sweet rice. It looks like thick milk and as a sweet and sour taste.

My delicious lunch

It was really neat to visit the folk village over the Lunar New Year holiday, which is considered to be the most important Korean holiday. We got to see a reinactment of a Korean wedding, experience traditional snow sledding, venture through a Korean haunted house and have a great day with friends. Overall a really awesome experience.
If you want to check out the website here it is:

Here are just some of the photos that we took at the Folk Village.

Traditional Korean backpack

Traditional Korean home


With my friend Soo's boyfriend, Chris

This was such a neat place to explore

My friend Soo weaving silk

Josh weaving silk. It was mcuh easier for him! :)

Traditional Ice Skating. You sit (or kneel) on a wooden board with skates on the bottom.You use ice picks to pull yourself across the ice. I will upload some fun video I took of us racing.

Lots of fun!


How creepy is this?!

We were able to see a traditional Korean wedding reinactment and this was the groom arriving

There were lots of places to jump rope set up and this is Josh and Soo jump roping. The best part was that Soo heard a little boy say, "Wow...that tall foreigner is REALLY good!" in Korean, talking about Josh! Haha!

Some sort of hacky sack traditional game

Traditional drums

Playing a Korean game of trying to get the sticks into those three holes that are on the left

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