Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day from Korea

This year we celebrated our first Valentines Day married (YAY!) and our first one in the same place in the last two years (Thanks to Army training-boo!) So, we were super excited to just have time together and not celebrate with flowers sent in the mail and phone calls.
It was also fun to celebrate Valentines Day with my students. We had small class parties, made origami flowers and hearts and ate tons of junk food.

Yummy strawberry Valentines cake to go with a delicious dinner of steak, potatoes and asparagus

Valentines surprises from Josh

The biggest chocolate bar you've ever seen being sold outside of my school

You know you're a teacher when you dress accoring to holidays! Sporting my heart sweater on Valentines Day.

The best Valentines gift from my hubby. Josh worked for weeks MAKING this vase and then painting it. He also made the flowers inside with floral tape, leaves and cherry flavored Hershey kisses. So creative! Love this!

Koreans celebrate Valentines Day, but they also celebrate White Day on March 14. On Valentines Day the women usually give gifts to the men in their lives, where on White Day the men reciprocate by giving gifts to the women.

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  1. Love your heart sweater!! I wore lots of red to work :)